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  • Channel Topic Pop-up

    An option to make members new to a channel read a pop-up of the channel's topic before they can write messages in said channel. This would help make sure that members have read the channel topic an...

  • Server vs Instant Invite

    Expand invite settings by having a separate option for server-wide invites, as opposed to channel-specific instant invites. This would ideally also contain the same options as instant invites - sho...

  • Opt-in Tutorial

    When creating a new account, have an option to view a tutorial/tips & tricks pop-up while discovering new features of Discord (such as how to use DMs, add/block people, and joining/managing a serve...

  • Role-locked channels

    If you're able to access a role-locked channel, have it show an unlocked icon. An ability to click the unlocked icon to see which of your roles unlocks it, as well.

  • Accessibility - New Messages

    A toggle option to make the "New Messages" line in-chat more visible, by means of bolding the red line & "New Messages" text, or something else. This can also be rolled into colour schemes for any ...

  • Blocked user notes

    When blocking a user, an option to add a note (for reminding yourself why they're blocked, etc) that can be seen from the blocked list.

  • Search User Settings

    A search function within user settings, with a click-through ability to bring the user to the correct tab, auto-scrolled to the (temporarily) highlighted search result that was clicked.

  • Server notification list

    A toggle option to click on a list at the beginning of the server list, that shows which servers have notifications, as well as what type (regular, personal pings, role pings, etc) with message pre...

  • Accessibility - Server notification

    A toggle option to change the style of server notifications while in-app, e.g. adding a highlighting ring/glow around the icon or overlaying an image as with user statuses, because the little dot o...

  • Ping notification button auto-scroll

    An ability to click the ping notification on servers to auto-scroll to the pinged message and delete the notification; if multiple pings in a channel, then the number goes down with each click - au...