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    Allow addition of spoiler tag on image by poster or moderators AFTER post complete

    Two pieces to this but they seem related to me, so posting them together. I have often posted something and then realized a moment later that I should have spoiler tagged it - a meme that used a cu...

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    I love this idea! I'd been worried about a discord-wide option because not everyone will be out everywhere, but being able to toggle it per server or even set it per server would be ideal.There's s...

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    This. I'm seeing many posts complaining about the UI changes but this one does the best job of explaining why it's actually a problem and not just a standard "they changed it now it sucks" pushback...

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    Yes, please. Normally I can keep up with most the servers I'm in, but there are sometimes when I can't log in for 2-3 days and have to manually go through so many servers to mark as read because it...

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    I know situations where it could be a risk would be rare, but frankly I find anything that could potentially tell someone either that no one is at your house right then, or allow them to see when y...