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  • Steam Deck and SteamVR integration

    I think it would be great with the upcoming release of the Steam Deck to add Discord to the Steam store to see notifications and access Discord right from the Steam Deck. SteamVR overlay would also...

  • Option to Display time own zones

    Add an option where users can opt to show their timezone. Users who enable this will have their local time be shown next to the time posted for other users.

  • Bottom of Role management page won't work properly on iPhone X

    When trying to moving a role up on the iPhone X series of phones, if a role is at the bottom of a list and you want to change how high it is in the list, the Iphone will close discord instead becau...

  • Can't hear SFX on mobile (IOS)

    Cannot hear when people join or leave a call, this causes us to think some one is still in the call or voice channel when they have left.

  • Ability to enable long messages in specific channels

    This would be helpful for rules channels for strict servers and should be something that could be either toggled in channel settings or made to be given as a permission with roles.