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    Same as the nitro gift button: unused by a significant portion of the userbase. We get it, people need to know it exists, but how about an option to hide it from the interface? Both of these button...

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    Randomly Going Idle?

    Recently I've been having an issue where while I'm literally in the middle of a conversation, my status switches to "idle" and I start getting push notifications for the chat I'm already viewing. T...

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    It's especially irritating because even if I DO wanna say hi, I don't use the default wave sticker like some NPC.

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    Better yet, let me just disable it as well as the gifting button. Putting it somewhere else doesn't change the fact that it's useless for a lot of people.

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    Back Button Again?

    Latest update to channel drawer/back button behavior. In the past there was a setting to have the back button open the channel drawer instead of closing Discord. This feature was (curiously) remove...

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    (Android) Copying embedded message content by long tapping is too easy to do by accident when scrolling

    While scrolling through a chat that has a lot of embedded messages from bots and such, I frequently accidentally copy one or more of them to my clipboard, which can sometimes be annoying to deal wi...

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    Back Button Closing Channel Drawer

    I know the lack of this feature is not a bug, it was clearly removed intentionally. Please put it back. The new swiping feels clunky and uncomfortable despite using Discord for several hours daily....

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    Mouse over emote/tag suggestions fix

    This isn't really an issue, more like a peeve, but for PC users if your cursor is hovering over the pop-up menu that appears when you start typing an emote or tag, it'll automatically favor the one...

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    Toggle Mobile Output Gain Control?

    Discord calls seem to have automatic gain control on mobile and I can't find a way to turn it off for output, only input. This causes music with bots to fluctuate in volume and it's very uncomforta...