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  • An in... status?

    So recently I've been using zoom like a lot of other people have with school and work. And I've been using the game activity to say `Playing Zoom Meeting`, which works, but it would be really neat ...

  • Following channels DM options

    When you follow a channel, an option to send the announcement to their DMs when publishing it. Would be a great alternative to things like updates role, rather than having to through it in a random...

  • Bulk Reactions

    While this has probably been suggested many times, this would be a possible way of actually doing it, I was thinking the, able to PUT or POST to /reactions with body.reactions (or other) as an arra...

  • Server Peaks from Folder if selected

    If you're currently selected server is in a folder and the folder is closed, it should "peak" out of the folder, with all the other servers still folded into the folder. Allowing you to see the ser...

  • Scrolling through message edits

    I'm thinking something where you can keep pressing the up button similar to how you already edit a message from selecting the message bar, but in the message edit, if you scroll to the top and pres...

  • Screenshot folder direct to folder

    I think there can be is, many games how all sorts of screenshot folders or our screenshotting applications. What I think would be cool is to be able to select folderS (multiple please) and then whe...

  • Copy author ID from message

    So it’s become apparent to me that when holding on a message one of the buttons is copy ID this simply copies the message ID which is pretty useful sometimes. However I think there should be an opt...

  • Discord Pop Socket

    pls and thank

  • Discord Mobile Badge Popup

    I had an idea for mobile badges. I was thinking that similar to how desktop dead with it the mobile badges ( (❤️Dabbit)) should be able to be pressed and a little p...

  • Bot Server Count endpoint and/or in user info

    I think it'd be cool to post the bots server count directly to either their user info or maybe a seperate endpoint for it. This would prevent people from lying about their server count (which does ...