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  • Bigger upload file limit for normal users to 20MB

    Normal users deserve things too, so i'd like a bigger upload file limit as i see nitro users can upload max. 100mb

  • Select a Age for channels

    Discord already has NSFW channels, but it could be also good when you could setup a channel for a specific age, i.e 14, or 16.

  • Bigger reaction limit for boosted servers

    Able for boosted servers for bigger reaction limit. When the server hits level 1 it gets 50 reaction limit, helpfull when you make for example reaction roles with bots.

  • Role Categories

    Be able too place roles in a category.

  • Easier Permission Settings

    Be able too deny / set a permission for all roles, for example `send messages`, that could be easier and handy for servers with over 50 roles.

  • Blurple Re-Colour

    Like we can change the colour of the tabs we are clicking, normal there is a blurple colour if we are hovering with the mouse over those tabs, then we see blurple. The topic of this is to be able t...

  • Extra Privacy

    Make it so people can't create alt accounts - Like if they make a new account on the same device, that means they are making a alt account in the mostly happenings, like for if you want to raid a s...

  • Giftcards with google play etc.

    let us redeem codes from google play giftcards, apple cards, etc.

  • Custom Verifycation levels

    Would be better if you can setup your own level, for example i mean your own message timer. Like some people wants to set it to 1 minute, or 30 minutes, etc.

  • Hide channels and server tab