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    Relevant Suggestions

    Add 'similar suggestions' section in the suggestion page so suggestions can be connected and updated (if a similar suggestion is resolved/changed/rejected)

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    Offline Mobile Status

    The possibility to appear active/away/DnD when you are on mobile. Right now, as far as i know, if you are on phone you would appear offline when you exit/minimize the discord app. I would rather ha...

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    Custom Emoji Collection

    Users would be able to create custom emoji collection to select it easier/faster (for mobile) and also the possibility to add a new keyword for quick access to view your collection. i.e ':MyEmojis'

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    Bulk Message Editing

    The ability to edit messages in bulk (paragraph of your messages). 'edited' tag would appear on each message that was changed. There should be a shortcut for editing and a toggle between bulk and i...

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    quoting a message would also help? can a hotkey for it be double tab the name? writing '@parti'-tab would fill name, then it would show recent message (or at least the last message) and another tab...

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    I guess the question would be if it does happen or just rarely. If it does happen (even though there is a big notification when you exit the server) maybe a "type the server name you want to leave"...

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    i would think everyone can set messages to be streamer friendly or not (would be kind of a toggle in/beside the chat window) it can be done, however, to be free toggle for channels (if streamer fri...

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    Streamer Mode messages or channels

    Add a type of message/channel that can be hidden when streamer mode is enabled. Should be able to switch between (creating) message types with a shortcut

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    Different types of notification alert

    Can be used to emphasize on announcement/urgent alerts Simple requests can be of another type in a different color. Maybe also add a 'nudge' option discord as a toggle, disabled by default, or requ...

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    Hide Muted Server toggle

    Muted servers would only show if there is a message directed to you in it (can be globally disabled of course to view all servers regardless of mute or not)