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    On the current vs requested role hierarchies.The argument is that people who can manage roles are able to only manage roles under them. For example, someone who manages team 1 should not be able to...

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    @Mention all users in a voice chat

    Like when you have a role mention, it will allow you to type in the name of the voice chat so you can bring attention to everyone in a voice chat. Good for when you have a #no-mic / #voice-text cha...

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    Yes, yes, yes, 2411 times yes. I run a server with nearly 500 people in it and for a large-ish multi-faceted community, a linear hierarchy does not make sense in any way.

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    I really wish that this could be bypassed. I understand that they're trying to restrict server load, but exempting this for Administrators or exempting this if slowmode is enabled makes sense. Addi...