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    Ability to blacklist applications from Game Activity.

    I use a game launcher (Lutris) that Discord continuously detects as a game. Anytime a game isn't open it sets my Game Activity status as if I'm playing the game launcher. Despite removing the launc...

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    Android Notifications no longer show users Icons/Avatar.

    In the past 1-2 days there was a fairly large update to the Android client it seems. I am also part of the Beta however, so it may be just a beta update at the moment, but due to Google's desire to...

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    This change makes marking all as read extremely tedious. Realistically, who needs to rearrange their server list more frequently than they need to access something in that menu? I have a hunch that...

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    Today's update brought back the greyed out unusable emojis for me, and I'm not seeing an option anywhere. Really disappointed.   Edit: the greyed out emojis also show as search results... What's th...

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    Edit 2: And it updated again. Having to scroll past every servers greyed out emojis is back. Still no option to hide them as far as I can see. Really hope it's reverted like before because this is ...