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  • code snippet

    allow us to create snippets of code similar to codeblocks. main diffrence is that snippet field would show among few other things line number and wrapping with line fititng. in addition it should c...

  • Material Design redesign

    Personally i belive that discord went too far into doing their own design reaching point when it looks just... Bad. What many people would possibly enjoy is proper redesign into Material Design per...

  • nested quotes

    Allow us to nest quote blocks inside quote blocks to create sort of threads with answers with syntax like "> > ".

  • improve markdown documentation

    Discord implementation of markdown is generally undocumented apart from syntax. what i would love to see would be actuall documentation that outlines intended behaviour, syntaxes, usage and similar...

  • Add field to server response code if error comes from discord servers

    Discord like any other aplication has errors, including HTTP ones. they are unfortunately all marked as "Server:Cloudflare" because of traffic being routed by their servers. To make it easier to di...

  • Show filedetails near uploaded images similar to how android does

    so, my idea is that, when picture is uploaded to discord app shows details about it (filename and filesize) bit above similar to how android do that. i find it useful, especially on slower connecti...

  • Bring old baner UI back by toggle

    so, yesterday UI for baners was changed having server name on top overlaying banner itself (fig 1) unfortuntely this causes some issues, namely:1.less space for banner itself 2. Design isues relati...

  • Allow embeding of PDF files

    so, we can curently embed images, audio, pages and videos. Personally i and probably more people often share pdf files on discord and sometimes find anooying i cant quickly peek inside one in clien...

  • Opt out of mobile indicator

    One of recent updates introduced indicator that user is on phone. Personally, I don't want to share what device i use and would love option to Opt out of sending this information to other users, ef...

  • Make year 2019 a bug fix year

    through years 2017 and 2018 discord recived many updates with new features, however trello board used for bug storing are getting slowly crowded with bugs that rest untouched. for year 2019 i wish ...