Implement the Catalan language in Discord.



  • Casaky

    Yeah let us know how we can help Discord Team! We are happy to go hands down on it and help with it voluntarily to make things easy. If there is any documentation we can start from, or files repo, tell us!

  • butifarrambseques
    Discord in Catalan? Yes please!! Whatever it takes to make it happen. Ready to help!
  • EmilioLopez1985

    Very good idea for people who have catalan as a native language like: Illes Balears, Andorra, Comunitat Valenciana, ALguer, Zone of Catalunya nord and Catalunya. Great move.

  • pituhype


  • Jibun

    A total must

  • Roger Ⓥ cat

    Discord is now a day the platform that most users in the world use when playing videogames with friends. There are 11.000.000 million people that wants to have access to this app and not having discord on its own language creates a handicap for them. For that reason we ask you to include catalan language in discrod so the accessibilitty for all 11.000.000 million of catalans will be garanted. 


  • Marina Manzano

    Yes please! I want my children to have all the digital tools in their native language ♥️

  • Xavier SS

    We are more than 10M catalan speakers, and that would boost our interest in this platform! 

  • Vicente

    Please Discord...

  • NyekStinson

    Discord is already translated to:

    - Danish with 6M speakers.

    - Croatian with 7M speakers.

    - Lithuanian with 3M speakers.

    - Norwegian with 5M speakers.

    - Finish 6M speakers.

    - Swedish 10M speakers.

    - Czech 10M speakers.

    - Bulgarian 10M speakers.

    So it makes sense to include the Catalan language with around 10M speakers as well.

  • Eloi Castellvi Alonso

    Yes, please, Discord. We can even help with the translation. :-)

  • Goldy

    It is a great idea you came with! It will help the Catalonian communities being represented into Discord. I am not Catalan but I agree with it!


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