Changing Forum Post Images/Gifs - as part of title not of description



  • NTH

    Can I make it clear as the claim isn't relative to the title.


    When you create a new post in a forum,
    you can upload a Post Image using the upload Icon on the right.
    This image will show up in the gallery view of the forum and a s a first message in the post.

    After some people new messages in that post,
    it is No More possible to add or edit this image.

  • Alex May

    Yep. We still need the feature.

  • r_organize#0001


    While reading your feedback/suggestion I've been pretty much confused by your post, though if I am correct, here's an answer about this suggestion/feedback: 

    I do not actually think that implementing an image within a forum-title post would be recommended within a discord server, though if it was to be added, I hope that in a near future discord would add it but that only moderators of a community would be able to put requirement(s) to put an image within a post title, such as: - having a role that would be needed to input an image within the title post, such as probably boosting a server | or | - would need a verified gmail/phone within the discord platform | or | - must be atleast around 10 days within the server (could be edited by a community-administrator+.

    If my thoughts were incorrect, you may inform me so I could rectify my statement/feedback about your suggestion.

    Have a great day.

  • iNgeon

    Get what the OP is\might be saying.
    The forums need a header, almost like a type of admin editable embed where the Title, message and the "header" image can be edited and changed after without having to delete or re-create the entire post.
    This is especially relevant when switching to Grid aka Gallery view in forums. Its very possible to remove the image when editing the main message\post created by the admin\mod\etc sent but clicking the "x" and remove, so let users add an image but just hide aka don't display the url of said image in die post headers.
    Forums are a nice idea but the devs definitely still need to iron out a few things.
    For example it would be great if admins\mods could delete the internal discord comments made in the posts when a admin\mod "changed the post title:" not sure why discord blocks this for server owners and admins.

  • Alex May

    Hello. I found out how to do this, as a workaround.

    First, delete the image from your original forum post.

    Next, post the image you want somewhere.

    Copy the link to the image (on desktop, you can right clik → copy link).

    Edit the first post of your forum thread, and paste the link in. Anywhere is fine, at the end or the start both work.

    Save the edit, and your thread should display the linked image.

  • Ian Letourneau

    What was suggested by Alex May works if you didn't disable the link previews. In my case I had to disable them because I had many other links in my posts that I don't want the preview to show. So that workaround will not work in that case.

    And for now I couldn't find a way to add/edit images of a forum post after the fact. Other that creating a new post with all my images first and then copy/pasting the content.

  • kzdc

    Would love this feature!


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