Ability to disable certain react emotes



  • Dimitar

    There is absolutely no need for such feature. If you would like certain reactions, you can disable reactions for regular users and have your moderators add the required ones (your members can react with already existing reactions, but they can't add new ones).

  • tyronx

    Sure, I could also disable any kind of text conversation in all channels and let users up or downvote posts by the moderators alone, but i'm not exactly sure thats within the spirit of it all.

  • Amalia

    Telegram comes packed with a range of nifty features, from a built-in translator to the ability to add emoji reactions in personal and group chats. Emoji reactions give you an additional, "today france"non-verbal way of interacting with messages when typing a response isn't necessary. Whether in personal or group chats, emoji reactions come in handy often, and here's all you need to know about using reactions in Telegram for Android.

  • tyronx

    We now made a bot for this. In case someone else runs into the same issue: https://github.com/DArkHekRoMaNT/ReactionsHelperBot


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