Forum Tags - Union and Intersection Filtering Option



  • Silva

    When forum channel first came out, I remember the forum tags work that way, I was able to filter posts with multiple tags. When did that change? I also sent a complaint to Discord earlier but they just sent me here and asks me to upvote. 

  • worMatty

    God yes.

  • YinYin

    I tested this a month ago to check if I could use it.

    Now I build a forum under the assumption tag filters would still be intersecting to find out that they are not. :(

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    I have a" Veggies" Tag
    I have a "Fruits" Tag
    I have a "Free" Tag
    I have a "Bio" Tag

    I want to find the free Bio Banana.
    I will have all the Fruits + all the Free things and + the bio things.
    Do you see the problem? Filter Tags are useful if they permit to fine the choice.
    We need the banana that have the 3 tags on it.

    Please Fix that asap.

  • Tom Hutchison-Hounsell

    Also trying to set up a forum channel for our server. The tags are nearly useless the way they are now. We need this change asap.

    Also, while you're at it. Tags should be included when you type in the search bar.

  • LeBaasti | Bastian

    I hope discord is already working on this problem.

    There ist no useful usecase for Tags currently.

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    More than 1 year… we are waiting too much for that…

  • Sukadia

    please 🥺

  • Visual Chris

    yes please I need this so bad

  • Visual Chris

    Also made a posts that includes this but also talks about things like searching and more:

    Appreciate any upvotes there

  • Eratn1k

    Hope they will notice this (let's be honest, they have feedback forums just because they are company, not because they want to improve the app).

    Forums are useless now, especially when you want to organize content using more than one tag..

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    we are replacing Discord Forum by
    Impressive filter and sorting features.


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