Font Change/Update



  • Xiutecuhtli

    I wish I had the superpower to undo whenever a social media company cosmetically changes the user display.  Every time they change the familiar comfortable stuff I am deeply bothered by it and I wish they would never ever do that or at least let me go back to the old type. 

    It would be a billion times better if instead of forcibly changing it for everyone, they create it as a new option in the settings, and all new users default to the latest option but old users' option isn't changed unless they go to settings to change it. 

  • Maxwell Jensko

    Please do this. I hate this font and I find it hard to read and look at. Let us toggle it.

  • Iimaginedeathsomuch

    This. I'm autistic and I find it really difficult to be okay with small changes like this. Discord has been a comfort spot for me for multiple years, and now I can't even handle opening the interface. Also, it's ugly. It looks like it's the old font but bold.

  • 404gravitasnotfound

    I agree.


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