Onboarding feature separation



  • Fahmin

    Yes, separate these two features and allow us to set up and keep the "ROLES/Customization Questions" features only (without setting up and keeping the browse channel feature).

    Also in customization questions, apart from emoji per options, add a feature to select custom color as embed for each questions and a thumbnail (a custom pic regarding that question beside the question).


  • Shadow

    I just got it on a server I manage. I was really looking forward to use it to manage roles but I got disappointed right away.

    Onboarding requires 5 channels to be publicly opened (viewable and open to chat to everyone) and 7 channels to be set as default. My server structure has only 1 channel that could be opened to chat to everyone before some type of verification and like only 3 channels that would be candidates as default.

    Therefore, these requirements make Onboarding really useless to me (not to mention they feel really dumb and I can't see how it would fit most of the communities out there. In fact, I have seen Browser Channels in 4 servers I'm in and none of those have enabled Onboarding/Customize for some reason [I guess what]).

  • mekamode

    Yes I totally agree! Please separate these features! They're completely unrelated. In my server, there's only 1 open channel that everyone can talk in, with a few locked ones like guidelines and about. The rest require verification with another bot, since we wish to keep things private until the bot verifies a newcomer has a character in the game my server is based on.

    After getting verified, I have a role-selection channel. All I want is to replace it with the built-in Discord version. But onboarding is atrocious in requiring that feature to be paired with the browse channel feature. Why does the browse channel feature get its own separate thing but role selection doesn't?


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