Feature request: Deletion of thread title edit comments in threads



  • iNgeon

    It is really silly that as the server owner or even as assigned admins can't remove these messages. It's a real eye sore.

  • zzahkaboom24

    Yes please. Although I know this will not a be a thing for the next years to come, I really need it. I dont want to delete a post and recreate it with the same content just because I decided that another name is better. And like others said, its a eye sore. It simply clogs up the chat that is already meant to be on a side for easy access of information, so permanent messages (except the ones I am typing myself for said information) shouldnt be a thing in the first place. Other than that, forums are a great feature

  • Rinha

    I created a thread as a guide for our community on discord, but when linked the name was cut off. A couple of edits later, there's now a few lines of undeletable “changed the title” posts.


    In this instance, nobody needs them. They don't add meaningful context, so we'd like to delete them. The thread OP can't remove them, the admins can't remove them. They just take up space and look unprofessional.

  • Gs4fav

    I completely agree

  • Thibaud d'Arros

    I completely agree. I avoid this by deleting and recreating the post, but this is bad for the user experience and messy with post timestamps.

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    Someone at Discord can take 5 min to answer « yes, no, we are working on it, it is on our goal » ? Because the message since 1 year is : « we don’t care about you. »

    Please do not take one more year to fix that… 


    Hello! Totally AGREE! Please kindly fix this, as that message is very annoying. Thanks for your help! :)

  • Alfredo De Menezes Torres

    For god's sake, this needs to be done ASAP! Such a basic feature that is missing and creates so many headache for server owners.

  • Braxton Shane Avery

    AMEN!!! How is it that this is still an issue a year later? Don't those at Discord use their own product? If they do, how have they themselves not found this to be an unnecessary and more so annoying factor?

  • Tim200048

    I really need this to happen too… Its so damn annoying


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