The feedback site login is confusing



  • VoraciousGhost

    It's truly a terrible experience, the website, branding, and even the password reset email don't tell you that it's a separate account.

    The only way to get a password for here is to use "Forgot password" which sends you an email that says it will reset your *Discord* password, not your *Discord Support* password.

    It's wrong to say there is nothing linking the two; my nickname and profile picture were automatically linked even though it's a "separate account".

  • ezzebihassen

    I agree this is confusing

  • Yomo42

    I'm here from google because I couldn't log into discord feedback. Yes it should be clarified in the login window and in the password reset email

  • Ambitious Jason

    Yes, so I can actually comment on this thread, as i needed to create a new account for another company, and when i searched account creation by google on WWW I first created an account here on Zendesk, and then later on the actual Discord app… Have a UX Specialist check this issue out forreal… 

  • worMatty

    I normally use a separate account on the Support site for reports and submitting bugs, and I use an email alias service to avoid my primary email address being leaked. I'm conscious of privacy and account security.

    I don't think I've ever submitted a support request for something related to my actual Discord account until today.

    I of course used my Discord account email address in the support form, because Discord won't discuss account details if you don't, but later remembered I would have no way of checking the ticket status.

    To see the status of my ticket, I tried to log into the Support site and it asked me to reset my password. That's red flag no. 1. Fortunately I already know it's a separate system.

    After doing that and following the password reset link emailed to me, I saw that the login screen had used assumed my email address username as my first and last names. My email address looks like discord.randomword123, so now I'm known as Mr. Discord RandomWord123 to support staff.

    EDIT: Oh and for some reason I can't change any profile details anymore. Only add an alias. At some point in the past I was able to change my profile picture, so I used a photo of my dog Meg. Unfortunately she passed away.

  • Maya

    Logging into the feedback site is the most confusing experience I have had with any site probably since 2005. I think this is deliberate, to erect unnecessary barriers to people providing feedback but still being about to SAY that they provide an avenue to provide feedback. 

    It is NOT intuitive that you'd have to reset your password to log into the feedback site or even that you reached the right place for Discord Feedback. Pretending that it's intuitive that Discord be associated with Hammer and Chisel is like calling BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke! Worse actually because at least with BMW there are initials to lead you in the right direction.

    I haven't been this upset or frustrated with a company in a very long time, and that's saying something. 

  • Timothy M Christman

    When I went to login and it didn't work and I saw I was at some weird Hammer & Chisel website (I now know that this was Discord's original name, which I learned from this thread), and had myself convinced I had just put in my Discord credentials into a scam site.


    Discord is one of the largest communication companies in the world. Multiple different companies use Discord to support their customers. Does Discord really need to shop out their feedback site? Seems ridiculous to me.

  • JL

    I can't believe this has not been changed.   This seriously presents as a hijacked link to me. Why not get a subdomain named for Discord?  Why are we still using Hammer and Chisel?  Discord accounts and support accounts are not but also are connected. WTF?  This is seriously mickey mouse bullshit for what by now should try and present itself as a legitimate business.   Do better discord.

  • Hp9876564

    To say it's confusing is an under statement. To defend that position by highlighting security issues is childish. To presume that the site will not be replaced by another similar WILL BE financially ruinous. Disord is "almost" one of the best sites out there. However "almost" doesnt cut it. Living in Malaysia, I can tell you that it is quite simply the very worst app I have on my phone.. To customer support I say this, STOP PLAYING PEOPLE FOR FOOLS.

  • Amy

    Your feedback site account (zendesk account) is entirely separate from your discord account and there is nothing linking the two.
    The login used to use your discord account to log you in without separate credentials, but that was changed due to some problems and abuse (I think).

    Also Hammer & Chisel is Discord's original company name.


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