Images displaying side by side cuts off a good portion of the image's actual content, and if you upload 6 images in one message then it cuts off more than 50% of each image to display them in 1:1 boxes.



  • <3

    exactly this side by side thing is really annoying. I hate it so much I been trying everything to try and fix it I hope they fix it honestly.

  • Pip

    Agreed. Nevermind that regardless of how wide your Discord is, they attempt to fit them into square boxes, no matter how much empty space to the right (within the bounds of area where text would otherwise fit) there is.

    If the images can be compacted (i.e. they are square images, or there is enough room anyway) that's fine, but otherwise instead of cropping, they should just be arranged differently, or FULLY resized so as to fit in the area. Just allowing images beside eachother is already a major step in the right direction. Just have some algorithmic way of fitting them together where their order remains correct and their shapes fit roughly together taking into account available horizontal and (to a lesser extent) vertical space instead of just "nah, that 2/3 of the image isn't important"

    Have a handy terrible sketch for reference:

    Some other layout examples that would work:

  • Stardust

    Had just noticed this problem, came to see if anyone made a post already.
    Absolutely, this auto-format thing is atrocious. In addition to above with files being shown closer to their aspect ratios, maybe just.. give the user the option to not format it like this at all? Ignoring that this is not something I've ever seen requested (and I have read through significant portions of these feedback forums, and have spent an unhealthy amount of time on this god-forsaken platform, not ONCE have I seen this asked for or mentioned), it's just not helpful to have files formatted like this. It crops them, or resizes images, which can make uploads look really janky, and then people who want to actually see the file need to click on the file, and click off wherever the boundaries are to get back into the conversation, and it's a huge hassle.
    If users can upload files, then server owner(s) are either not concerned about or outright welcoming users to take up potentially large portions of the screen with file uploads, and it is, was, and forever will be a non-issue.
    So, if this is not being reverted entirely (as it frankly should be), at least give users the ability to opt out.


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