Need help about Discord appeals



  • PepsiPlayzz

    No response from them, so the next day I tried again

    Discord Support, like almost every service using Zendesk, has a spam-prevention measure which pushes tickets way way down to the bottom if you keep bumping/replying to them - you should have just been patient.

    only to get a reply from them saying they won't reinstate my account

    That's probably the final verdict and your account is gone, then. Unfortunately, Discord has a super super low appeal acceptance rate, even if the ban was false and unjust; that's just Discord.

    This is shown in the Transparency Report, which is really hurting Discord more than helping

  • cad

    So Discord is basically just doing a spin the wheel where only one option is accepting an appeal while the rest is denying them, seems pretty scummish coming from a multi million company, where's all their "we give users a second chance" thing they promised us since the start go???

    As for the appeal, I was literally panicking 24/7, I unironically felt my heart sink when I saw the "your account has been disabled" on the login page. Although, yeah should've probably tried being patient about it.

    Thanks for the help though, I just really wish they had a feature where either a parent could appeal for the user or just have a better system in general

  • Hakoo1416

    I just came here from my post after seeing your comment, what it seems to me that it's not even about being patient, they're lazy, I contacted them on Twitter, facebook,and even I posted on their subreddit and my post was taken down, they just don't want to do their jobs I'm sorry to say, it's such a shame for a really good platform to be backed by such a lazy company :(


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