Revert this atrocious new cluster image/video embedding update asap please



  • yay yay

    I hope to every devil and god they dont decide to keep it and just change up the cropping... I'll rather just get an apk of an older version i swear

    Great point on the round corners, also looks unpleasant on those text boxes with the vertical color strip (;; i have no idea what theyre called sorry). The "softness" of it does not fit discord at all.
    I think they're conforming to mainstream social media (deplorable) than working towards updating it for the better but that's my conspiracy theory (Collage update also ties into this).

    I also miss the filenames being viewable.... I don't think they'd give a single crap about the memes but it'd still be way practical to actually see filenames.

    *Most if not all people would not have any issues with ANY of this if discord simply made things toggleable*, whether it be a personal setting or message toggle like hiding embeds. I genuinely despise when sites update things that seem like they SHOULD be toggleable but aren't.

  • Agrioc

    I have to agree entirely, I would love if this was a toggle, toggles save people's time and energy.

    Personally, I post and send images a ton while using discord, same with all my friends, this is so very annoying. While personally I haven't had my phone updated due to the fact it just was not as good as it used to be, and the new font still hurts me. But going to open it on my laptop felt wrong.

    I don't understand why we're softening games of all things? especially since that games make me think of sharpness tbh. All of this seems like ignorance of accessibility to what they don't know enough about. Hopefully they'll throw it back because this is disgusting to look at, especially if have stuff that matter in the corners.
    Who even suggested for our images to get squashed like this? Discord doesn't have to be ever other site...

  • 9lives

    They also market to content creators and art community, however to Discord it's okay to force cropping on all artworks because they think all servers are spammy. Well I just crated a Facebook "Page" and am asking my community to start using another platform instead. I think Discord is becoming obsessed with trying to look like all other social platforms, and I used Discord just because it was not like other social platforms so now I see little reason to use Discord anymore.

  • The Meme Lord

    Agrioc Exactly, the last few years Discord has tried this weird trend of pulling away from gaming and trying to be like any other social media site and I never understood it. They keep softening it up, making everything rounded, more community-based, and also they seem to be personally moderating servers now. Every change just makes the community more upset, (at least the original community), but still they push on. Discord is for gamers, whether they like it or not, thats what they made this app out to be originally, and thats what people will use it for.

  • Zylafone

    It's so ironic that a change made to help servers that have a lot of images in them is universally hated by people who use servers that have a lot of images because all you've done is made them harder to see 

  • ethrawnmusk

    Please remove this feature discord


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