Please let us disable Super Reactions, without disabling all animated emotes



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    > Not being able to disable them (without disabling all other animated emotes) is ridiculous.

    It's even worse. Disabling animated emotes does not even fully disable the super reaction animations. They still animate obnoxiously on mouse-over.

    The documented prodecure to disable them (disable animated emotes) does not disable them, and even turning on the full "reduced motion" accessibility setting does nothing for it.

  • Blue at Heart

    I don't even have nitro and I get a bothersome little icon to add a super rection despite not being able to use it. I want to be able to disable that too (hell, also to hide any emoji I cannot use, I am tired of scrolling past / making sure not to mis-click and accidentally end up switched to a page telling me to buy nitro, which is just making me all the more annoyed by the existance of it)

  • paytonkutch

    The game keeps prompting me with an annoying icon to add a super rection when I have neither nitro nor the ability to utilize it. I'd like the option to turn it off as well (heck, I'd like to be able to hide any emoji I can't use; I'm sick of having to scroll through them or be careful not to accidently click on them, lest I be taken to a page encouraging me to purchase nitro, which only serves to anger me further). geometry dash

  • Surtseyan

    This kind of feature makes me want to drop Nitro.

  • CeCe

    I don't want super reactions, was taken very off guard by them turning on automatically and I can't access regular reactions without going to the ellipses and specifically selecting them! When I looked for a way to turn them off I couldn't find one and had to google it, only to find out I have to turn off all the animated reactions to do so! This is INCREDIBLY frustrating and I will be dropping Nitro if this isn't resolved! The way to turn them off is unclear, turns off other features, and from what I'm seeing in the comments above me- doesn't even turn them off! Absolutely ridiculous, I'm getting really tired of all the changes discord is making 

  • LeonGamer

    Super reactions mess anything reaction-related up, not even mentioning the fact that something like that does not fit a "clean" server theme.

    They should give us permission for using super reactions!

  • Brumbpo

    I disabled animated emoji just so I don't have to see this.... whatever this stupid feature is.

    I already think nitro is super annoying with its stupid animated features and annoying colours. Can we normies please get something to turn all that stuff off locally at least?


  • Skeddtemp

    i really want to disable them on my server, they are extremely distracting and unprofessional on my school related server!

  • yerofaivr

    The accessibility stuff really should let you choose to disable Super Reactions only. I don't have much issue with animated emotes, since they just sit in place and do their animation, but Super Reactions are distracting as hell, since they break out of the UI entirely.

  • Xella

    Super animations are incredibly eyecatching, which is NOT a good thing when I have discord open on my second monitor and someone decides to react with one while I'm in the middle of an intense boss fight on my gaming monitor.  Turning off all animated emoji doesn't stop them from playing in that scenario either, for some obtuse reason, and it absolutely should because discord shouldn't animate at ALL when it isn't the main focus.

  • Bossejonsson

    I want to be able to disable the super reaction animations. It lags the client/app as well

  • 9lives

    I won't use Nitro because it only offers me silly gestures, the exact feature I actually want to turn off.

    If Nitro offered ways to defend against the use of distracting animations I would purchase it just for that


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