Does Discord staff even read this forum?



  • Amy

    They look at reddit more than at this site. If you want them to notice your opinions you can try posting on r/discordapp and having people upvote you.

  • Vlasec

    Seems like they don't give a damn about the reddit either :) One of top rated posts, guess what. Nothing.

  • SushiSquidKid

    Seems not. I’ve been asking for an option to change the gg sans font. (I can’t read it at all due to astigmatism making it wobbly. Idk if they’re using it on this site but here I need to copy and paste things to read them.) and I’ve gotten nothing. I can’t update my apps (now I don’t want to anyway because of the mosaic cropping which is also inaccessible) and I have to use inspect element on my laptop to change the font into something I can actually read. It’s freaking terrible. 

  • 9lives

    I also voted on this:

    What a terrible shame they have stopped listening to their users. I guess all good things must end eventually.


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