new nitro themes suggestion


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  • Friedtoenail

    Regarding the new Nitro Themes...

    I don't like that this neat feature is tied to a monthly subscription.

    I have no Desire for anything in the Palette except for 1... Forest. 
    I LOVE that look. 
    Money isn't unlimited on my end (single father of 2 under 5... always broke) and paying a subscription to use 1 nice theme that is pleasing to me... isn't feasible.

    However... IF Themes were listed as individual buys. Pay once and it's yours forever...

    I believe you would get Way more sales. 
    I Personally would totally buy Forest for anywhere from $3-$5 USD 

    I also suggest for actual Nitro users... Who have expendable income every month... Give them the whole palette like you've already offered. 

    This could expand your income stream by allowing Non Nitro Users to enjoy aspects of a Paid Discord without having to commit to another monthly payment plan. 


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