Swipe Reply Disable/Enable Feature



  • Tori Time

    Messing with muscle memory so drastically can really frustrate some people. The first thing I did when the change happened was go the change it back. A way to disable the change would be best. If I didn't need discord I would delete it on my phone, it's that bad for me.

  • gelato

    This feature is horrible for mobile moderators, in the server I moderate we require to verify the users ID and such using bots flicking to the side used to make this process quick now it's going to be much more lengthy and time consuming. I don't mind for the people who want this but come on discord at least allow us to disable it I'm starting to loose faith in this app entirely

  • gametriplepvp

    I just hate it, I just want the old thing back, this feature is so uneeded

  • EdgedPixie

    I understand the use of such a feature, but making me relearn your app isn't the way to do it.

  • Deejolliff

    This is such an awful feature. Why was this sprung on us without a way to turn it off.

  • Keenaraun

    please please please please please please please please let me turn this off I'm losing my mind. Is there a way we could all mass-complain because I cannot Stand this and I Need it to Stop.



  • IndyTechwisp

    The swipe reply feature's addition was not communicated at all (or if it was communicated, not well enough for anyone to notice) and is nothing short of disruptive to user experience.
    If we *must* have this feature be a part of the app, please allow us to disable it so we can continue using the app has we have done without issue up until this point or if a disabling option is not possible please remove the feature entirely.

  • Eternal Fire

    This feature has been a horrible experience. It removed the functionality of easily being able to view the member panel while adding an additional way to reply that I did not want. The previous way to reply of holding the message and tapping was better by far. It was slower, but accurate, and I don't have to deal with all the replies that have been started with anything that the app considers a swipe.


    Discord, this feature is a big net negative and needs to be removed immediately. If you want to find faster ways of replying to messages, this is not it. Go back to the drawing board and find something else. Until you do, please restore app functionality to the way it was before this "feature" was added.

  • Redstonearmedforces

    teamspeak looking real good right now


  • Cameron Johnson

    Love you guys on the discord development team. But this user experience is absolutely abysmal.

    Easy fix, Give a toggle option in the "text" settings menu. give users the ability to turn ok swipe to reply or turn it off. Frankly it's not a big enough matter that needs a feature. I get many other applications use swipe reply, such as messages and what's app, and Instagram etc. It's good to give users the ability to use a feature they are familiar with. But you can't accommodate for newer users without considering your current ones. Swipe to reply hinders a large part of discords functionality when interacting on mobile in servers. Let's get this fixed soon please and thank you.

    Much love lads

  • Melody Hinchy

    I can't reach the button to open the members list with my thumb and I am constantly accidentally replying to people. Please make this a toggle; that's all I ask.

  • Tsukiko

    This feature was poorly communicated in that I did not even know it changed until I went to view the member page and swiped to bring it up. It reflects poorly for those who have muscle memory to open it up that way, with the only other way to open the member page up being the button in the top right, which basically forces you to use both hands or otherwise awkwardly hold your phone unless you have it laying on top of a surface.

    An option to be able to switch it back would be an easy fix, barring completely removing the swipe to reply feature. Otherwise, I have backdated the app to the last version without the swipe to reply, and likely won't update again until either an option gets added in, the swipe to reply feature gets removed, or it becomes no longer possible to use the app.

    Please change this, and have better communication in the future when you change something many people use rather than no communication at all.

  • Crow Dunhart

    The fact that there was no announcement for this feature and there is no way to toggle it is absolute garbage. There was already a way to reply to messages that we are already used to, and we are used to the swipe pulling the members/ect menu. I understand how this could be more accessible for some people, but the fact there is no toggle is an accessibility issue in and of itself. It is infuriating and honestly makes me not want to use the app at all anymore.

  • dogs_r_cool

    The fact discord doesnt discuss with the mobile dev team and the community makes me feel left out.

  • Little J

    As someone with a physical disability that affects my joints, this "swipe to reply" feature has made the mobile app partially unuseable for me. As someone who moderates multiple servers, I NEED to be able to swipe between tabs, since I have extreme difficulty reaching the tabs at the top of my phone screen.

    So not only is this annoying for people who rely on muscle memory, it also makes the mobile app nearly impossible to use, for those of us who have a physical disability

  • Enshael

    Please provide an option to disable this feature. Being able to quickly access the user list is a higher priority than having a reply gesture.

  • K_Zawis

    Either add the ability to disable it or add a different gesture for quick replies or both. I use the side panel a lot in both DMs and the servers I use or manage. Messing with muscle memory is infuriating, why would you do that?

    I don't use the reply as much as I use the members panel. For an app designed for teams and communities, this feature seems to target people who use this app like Messenger or WhatsApp where DMs are primarily used (where the feature makes sense).

    Why change something that ain't broke and is already well done?

  • Nova Zela

    Yeah this update is messing with me seriously, i hope they change it back or at least make it something you can toggle cause it's messing with my muscle memory hard

  • lxwisb

    Wholeheartedly agree, one of my least favourite updates over the years.

  • Rebel

    This is literally the worst update Discord has had in years. It's making years of muscle memory obsolete and it's not a needed feature. You have to change the way you hold your phone just to see the member panel which is an exteremely important thing to a lot of people. Please, discord, add a toggle or just get rid of the feature. This really bothers me and there's a lot of people here, and I'm sure more people who aren't speaking about it, that hate it as well. This needs to be addressed.

  • Tadpoleon

    I use discord to talk with my cousins, who have a degenerative muscular disease. This was such a poorly thought out decision to force through, as they now have accessibility issues using the mobile app because they don't actually have the dexterity to do the "swipe slight left, swipe right" finger shuffle to access server pins, user lists, etc.

    It's obnoxious for normal users and downright unusable for disabled ones. It should never have been made default and it should have never, ever been made mandatory.

    Do better.

  • Nova Zela

    I found somewhat of a usable method to still swipe and see! if anyone checks this forum, quickly swipe to see the image of your discord servers but not your channels, and then swipe the other way, it should go directly into the members portion. This is me doing this on a Iphone 13 Pro Max, hope it works for your phones.

  • kitcollective

    The new feature has messed up my accessibility with the app and makes it harder for me to access the members list of the servers I'm in. As I use a tablet solely for using the app, just reaching up or tilting sideways either takes too much effort or ruins the whole layout for me and I have to spend even more effort just to type. There's already the feature to long-hold messages and simply choose to reply, and I feel that is more than enough in most people's cases. If you want to introduce a new feature that ruins the muscle memory and habits of a majority of your mobile users, at least make this a feature we can turn off or remove it entirely.

  • BloodRedKit

    My phone had a delay on the update or something because I didn't have this TRASH last night, but this is one of the worst things ever- i very very rarely ever want to reply for a conversation, a reply gesture is completely and utterly useless to me! It wasn't hard to access for the minimal use! But being able to access member lists, pins, channel descriptions, and need to do so FREQUENTLY, is extremely important!
    Making critical moderation tools harder to access in favor of adding a gesture for a barely used "feature" is one of the stupidest things I've seen in my life.

  • Xiro

    +1 to this, it's quite disruptive. Please add a toggle and I'll make sweet love to you Mr./Mrs. Developer!

  • Duma

    Honestly one of the worst surprises in a while, don't need this at all. I would like to turn it off and be able to swipe to bring up the members list again

  • Agent Smeef

    There's no reason you shouldnt at least be able to have it as optional. I feel like with any changes to the functionality of the app there needs to be a setting to disable it if needed. I'm not even asking to get rid of it I just want the option to turn it off.

  • Isira Demari

    This feature was so suddenly sprung it just popped up on my discord without any new feature update notice. And contacting support they acted like idiots as if they didn't know what feature I was talking about and asked for "video recording" of the feature on question like they were confused. So this is extremely frustrating cause some people I know didn't get this feature in update! So it's a bugged mess I am not part of the Beta and shouldn't be getting Beta features but it was forced on me and they refused to remove the feature on my account. It makes the app severely difficult to use as someone with mobility issues as is, and being an admin on a few servers its stressful to navigate now. I literally cried when I was fighting with trying to figure out how to "fix" it and turn it off and there was no way to do so! This needs a turn off button, or removed ASAP it's extremely difficult on muscle memory and hand eye coordination problems for accessibility.

  • Nowak

    Honestly makes no sense to me why this was added with no option to toggle the old behavior. I'm a server owner, being able to see who's online is infinitely more useful to me than quickly replying. Also, have you seen how big phones have gotten??

  • L'airDeSAVON

    I think so too. It was just bad update.


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