Remove swiping to reply or make it a toggle



  • Bryan Jeroma Oteri-Peretu

    Am trying to get in discord well am kinda..... 9 years old but discord wants ages to 13 but why..

  • Jayri

    Please remove this feature or at least make it a toggle

  • Prince Altoid

    This is gonna sound sob-storyish but this is all 100% fact: I have really really bad chronic disorders, both physical and mental, that make gestures a lifeline for me and something I literally can’t live without. I remember literally selling a rare vintage piece of clothing I had for over 20 years at that point when the iPhone X first came out because I absolutely needed a device that relied so heavily on gestures. I don’t regret that decision for a day.

    One gesture I had been using regularly for over 5 years at this point was swiping left on Discord servers’ and group chats’ text boxes to see if users were or weren’t offline.

    For whatever reason, Discord got rid of this in exchange for forcing this gesture to reply to whatever message your thumb is on.

    Who asked for this? Which of the 50 people on the entire service that actually use message replying enough to justify an entire feature dedicated to it say they wanted it to completely replace something people had been used to since the platform launched on mobile?

    Nobody, that’s who.

    I emailed Discord support about it and they basically laughed at me, saying without saying “we know what’s better for you, get used to it.” Not fair. At all. This is a feature you can easily give people a choice in the matter. This wasn’t an issue a week ago, or any of the previous 5+ years I’ve been using Discord, but it is now. They created it. They need to get rid of it.

    Discord tries so hard to prove to people that they’re super inclusive and understanding, but will easily abandon that if they think going the route of “big brother” is more effective in getting what they want done, which is usually just crap that will earn them billions more in Chinese VC funding. Just waiting for them to screw up again before I start moving towards other services and away from Discord. Probably won’t even be that long at this rate.


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