Account disabled unexpectedly



  • amylee

    confirm. my acc amylee#2608

    vouch for our leader

    pls, save our community!

  • Abdurakhman

    Contacting Discord Admin

    I know and communicate with this man for many years. I know this person as non-conflict and restrained, reasonable, balanced. This is the man of the rule, thanks to this man our server is not big but cozy at home.

    I'm ready to vouch for this man. I know for sure that he did not violate any Discard rules. Please reconsider your decision!

  • ХРЮ

    I have known this person for over 3 years.
    he has always been an active, positive participant and leader of our community.

    He never violated the rules of Discord and did not even break the rules of our server, although he was its administrator.
    Every day he spent his time on helping new members learn game development for free, taking care of all members of the community.

    Whatever your system of punishments finds, I am sure that this data is an error, or they are falsified by someone in order to discredit this person.
    I ask you to take a few minutes and reconsider the reasons for this punishment, I am sure that you will eventually see that this is a misunderstanding.



    Hello dear discord administration, please check this problem manually and make sure that automatic systems cannot fully assess the situation now and act according to templates, real people will understand the situation better than machines working strictly according to templates, if a real person and not a soulless machine were watching him, then his account was not disabled, since those to whom he sent invitations to friends were people well known to him, and not some crooks.
    So please restore his account, and check what your systems are doing, since after looking at the forum this case is not the first and certainly not the last

  • rupcake games

      I support this, and I urge the tech support of Discord to pay attention to this. The man did not intentionally violate the rules, most likely auto-moderation did not work correctly. Please remove the blocking or do manual moderation, given the age of the account, activity, ownership of servers with a large number of real and active users. 

    I hope for a positive decision,
    rupcake games, acc name kyryamba#9455

  • ads

    my tag on discord is soundsbeard#2813 and im also an admin of ru-lang godot server.

    i can confirm, that me2beats is a person of high standards, and he would never violate any sort of TOS intentionally. i assume the whole incident is just a matter of auto-moderation, and im calling discord mods to process this case manually.

    he is a valuable member of our community and we hope you will take into consideration our feedback about this person.

  • Danil Alekseev

    Hello, I support the above. As far as I know, me2beats is a very polite and tactful person. I believe there is some kind of technical error, please check it manually.

  • Baymax5565

    I got mine disabled the other day for 24 hours and I wasn't doing any fraudulent/harmful. Now Discord is treating me like a bot and it's really annoying 

  • Aleksey

    me2beats#6055 - Godot Engine Ru server administrator

  • IPcorp

    An automated ban is a rather unpleasant thing, especially when it is not even clear what caused it. Many years ago I had a similar experience with Twitter, pretty soon after signing up. I, as a member of the "GODOT Engine Ru" server and a Discord user for seven years, support the request to look into this circumstance regarding me2beats#6055. We all hope for a positive resolution of this issue and thank the administration in advance!

  • Alexsander

    I've known ME2BEAT for 2 years now and see no reason to disable his account.

    My ID magic of polis#2646, His ID me2beats#6055.

  • megared

    By megared#8694

    I have been on the Godot Engine RU server for several years now and I am surprised that such a good admin and person is denied access to the account for no reason. I do not believe that me2beats violated something and I think that the ban was issued by mistake.

    I hope me2beats will be unbanned soon, because if it doesn't, then more people will be afraid of unfair bans from Discord. In addition, the Godot Engine RU server will die due to the absence of the server owner, which will entail the loss of a large Russian-speaking community of Godot Engine.

  • OpenMind

    I've known Me2Beats for 2 years now and see no reason to disable his account.

    My ID of openmind#9896, His ID me2beats#6055.


  • euphoreka7

    I know me2beats#6055 for a while. And can confirm that he isn't a person who will violate the rules

    Please unblock him. He doesn't deserve this silly action caused by auto-moderation

  • Yadriel

    I agree with this man, im in the same issue with him and no matter what i do i cant get my account after it was wrongfully disabled. If moderators read this please hear my emails and my account is Yadriel#0655, Its just not right to let a bot solve these kinds of issues and not read them personally. The email is

  • popakota

    I don't know this person, but he sounds trustworthy.

  • Maestro

    Discord has long put a huge bolt on all those who are faced with this problem, they use a bot for a quick response, because they don't care or simply don't have employees to answer in the support service.

  • mlodyykreska

    Fr. I got disabled 4 days ago. I'm waiting. I got the same reason.


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