Discord crashing on startup



  • Viper4K

    got same exact thing, windows 10

    what i tried:
    - windows update
    - driver update
    - antivirus scan (with both defender and malwarebytes)
    - deleting everything discord related from both appdata/roaming and appdata/local
    - ipconfig /flushdns
    - proxy thing
    - reinstalling discord
    - resetting date and time (unchecking and checking auto time thing then syncing time)
    - sfc /scannow
    - logging in from browser (works, but doesn't fix app issue)
    - closing discord app with cmd (in case if task manager didn't show something)
    - closing background apps
    - chipset updates

    There is no task to kill, just like in above's post.
    This is either Discord issue, or Microsoft just being anti-consumer again.
    Please resolve it asap, web version doesn't have a lot of useful app features.

  • Mike Skully

    Did everything Viper4K did, and I'm still having the same issue as the video in the OP. Try to launch the application, little window pops up for a split second then gone. Nothing in task manager, and nothing in the event log referencing Discord or the updater.

  • Viper4K

    for everyone who is having this issue, here's workaround:

    go here and download version 1.0.9010, then unpack it somewhere and run discord-portable.exe

  • Yunkai Huang

    Thx to Viper4K it's working!


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