[DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System



  • xander10

    The fact of the matter is that this change would solve nothing, currently 9999 people can share the same name with no issues and still be found. We don't need to copy twitter.

  • Trl0_P90

    Name snipping is a massive issue, I've had this name for awhile and have had multiple people impersonate me (despite me not being someone important) just to make me look bad. Image if I don't get the name and someone uses it to say slurs?!


    (I'm also not very sober making this so it might not make much sense)

  • LeopardBunny

    Everyone else already said everything better than I ever could. +1 to this change not being made and the Discord company rethinking its life choices for once.

  • Emu

    +1. so, now instead of telling my friend that i want to add to discord "my name is Emu#1234" i have to tell them "my name is @Emu948390"... yes, super easy to remember!!!!! please discord, don't implement this, there is no need to. stop creating problems that doesn't exist.

  • HcgRandon

    +1, please do not do this change. very much against it!

  • Resetium

    Discord, stop trying to be Twitter. We know this is why you're doing it, and thus I would like to voice that I USE DISCORD SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE TWITTER.
    If there is ever a point at which you listen to your GODDAMN CUSTOMERS for once, this is the time to do it.
    If this goes through, I and countless others are cancelling our nitro subscriptions until you realize just how stupid this pathetic excuse for a design idea is and apologize to your source of income.

  • Zack


    In addition to all of the veritable issues which people have brought to the table, the current identifiers allow people to share a common username, something which may not be unique which they may personally identify with and don't want to change. While I appreciate that the new plan is to allow for non-unique display names, it feels like a condolence prize for if you can't claim/retain your current handle. It feels like Discord is saying "if your handle is not unique, you're not allowed to keep your current identity", and that's not a kind policy to employ.

  • NyanSequitur

    Discord also forgot people speak languages which don't use the latin alphabet. Anyone with their username in their own language is just out of luck I guess.

  • Cadbur

    Easiest +1 of my life. They can take my 9414 out of my old, dead hands.

  • Batman

    Why have I been paying for nitro for 5 years if the main benefit will be taken away?

  • ethan? from dreamcast?

    the fact that number tags are one of the things that make discord unique, and they’re blatantly getting rid of number tags in order to fit in with other social media is so disheartening. whats the next discord-unique feature on the chopping block, you smalltime supervillains???

  • graves

    seems like a "fix" for a really specific and minor issue that is meaningless compared to the large amount of problems it will cause. this isn't really fixing anything and is only going to make things more complicated. i much prefer the name + numbers system we currently have. your current system totally eliminates the issue of people not being able to have the tag that they want and typically go by - changing this is just going to cause more issues with that, as well as with impersonation and privacy. this is a really poor call and i hope you guys will decide against it after getting so much pushback. +1

  • Critter

    as if telling people my username is funguz_1nf3ct10n_342 is any easier than telling people my username is fungus#1999 

    This is gonna make account selling so much worse, not to mention people are gonna snipe the names of famous people that wont get to it in time. 

  • Bay

    +1. Insanely horrible idea

  • Leyhunter

    +1. If this goes through I'm cancelling my Nitro. No one I know has ever had a problem with the discriminator system and I'm not gonna give money to a service that takes away a fundamental part of what makes that service fun and unique.

  • Brian



  • Koko

    this change is stupid and discord knows it

  • Pigeon

    +1 this is trash. discord what are you doing

  • Mbuoy14

    Agreed, we don’t need to have a single name for our profiles. The existing system is not broke, so don’t fix it.

  • Edward

    +1. The discriminators are a perfect system and Discord is looking to change one of the things that makes it great. 

  • Batman

    This screams of, “we want to give influencers and employees user names that they can’t get because it was already taken by a nitro user”

  • Naomi

    +1. Really terrible idea. Communities and creators already deal with impersonation, this will only create an artificial and unnecessary mad scramble for usernames and incentivize hoarding and ransoming them. The discriminator system works fine, and is one of the things unique to Discord that make it a good platform for connecting people. Discord does not need to be Twitter, it does not need to be Facebook. People will tack numbers onto their names anyways to keep what they had before. Do not implement this change. If this goes through, I will certainly be cancelling my Nitro subscription and any/all server boosts I provide until and unless it is rolled back.

  • Bass44

    EVERYONE cancel your Nitro subscriptions.

    This fascist company does not deserve any of your money, they need to be held accountable for their actions.

  • 『Połało』

    Discord doesn't need to become twitter. 

    Bad discord

  • Hallan

    I've been paying for Nitro for years (not Nitro Basic or Classic, the FULL Nitro) but this one change singlehandedly ruins a lot of Discord's appeal for me and makes me want to cancel my subscription. You won't get another red cent out of me if this horrible idea actually goes through.

  • dustfinity

    Im pretty sure ill be able to snatch my nickname cause my account is from late 2015 and i still HATE this change.

    "Its to make it easier to find your friends so you dont have to remember the 4 number code"

    Its far easier to remember/copypaste a 4 number code (also werent there links to add friends anyways?) than to rememeber a 10 characters long username cause everything else was taken :/ please dont.

  • Freddy

    Why should you change the name system?? The current name system is just perfect.

  • Lotte

    I highly dislike this idea for an update. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But it's not just that, changing this would break discord in a lot of ways. It's terrible for privacy and terrible for impersonation. Most of us use discord because it's private. It's a great way to connect with friends in a closed off, private space, and changing this would absolutely destroy that and likely push people away from discord, especially if more updates like this follow.

    Sometimes it really does feel like you're changing things for the sake of changing them, to meet some monthly meeting quota, rather than actually trying to make an app that is convenient and fun to use.

  • witch

    +1. If this change is implemented, I will be one of the ones canceling my Nitro. I go by a very common username and I even meticulously chose which number I want to go by. 

  • Gotz



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