[Enshittification][DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System




    Cool so instead of someone being "name#3527" they'll have to be "name3527" because their name was already taken. Except someone out there has "name" now and you don't. Cool.
    Social app developers not ruin their app for no reason challenge failed as always.

  • Jupiter

    +1 this sucks

  • waffle

    Yeah, also Discord fails to realise that very soon most usernames will be a name and a string of numbers following it, because all the nice ones will be taken, i.e. @waffle928942684837752

    It'll be a lot more of a mess than the current system. The username+discriminator system is good and works well. It's not that hard to remember your discriminator. I have remembered mine only weeks after I started actively using Discord. It'll be a lot more difficult to remember a username with a whole lot of numbers because a nice and simple one was taken. 

    Honestly, this new system isn't all bad, and some of its aspects could just be merged with the current one. Perhaps we could retain the old username and discriminator system, but remove case-sensitivity of the username, limit it to alphanumeric characters and some symbols, and add a separate display name that can be whatever the user wants. 

  • Gemini

    Absolutely bafflingly decision, Discord Usernames having a unique identifier made them not only secure but also made it so everyone can have their favorite username

    Why would you trade this positive UX & security experience for something worse that will just lead to username sniping and impersonation

  • Gerbo

    Please poll the community on this, Discord

  • Exotakou

    Why ?

    With our actual nicknames (x#0001 for example) we're also unique so why did you want to switch for another system ? 
    Discord has been a different application for a long time and that's great.
    But if you switch to this, it takes away some of that difference from the others... 

    Please don't do that 🥲

  • ShreyNay

    SnIpE, I WINN!!!!

  • FlareFluffsune

    I know someone who has had serious issues with a stalker. Discord has been the only place she has had a break from them because they don't know her discriminator, this change is going to remove her safety on discord. Whoever thought of this idea should be fired for putting vulnerable users at serious risk.

  • Henry Purrkyll

    Besides all the aforementioned issues, it's hilarious that in the email about this that the decision was not made lightly, as if any thought even went into it. This whole thing is a joke and for once they should actually listen to their users because christ this is embarrassing on their part.

  • TheKingOfTime

    I am very sorry that discord presented this update in such a way. I fully understand and support such a change and consider it justified. However, it needs to be rephrased for a better understanding.

    The current implementation uses the username for two purposes.
    1. To display it next to the user's messages or in their profile.
    2. To send friend requests to this user.

    There was a problem. The structure of the user allowed to have absolutely any user name (including duplicate names). But at the same time, a unique address is required to send a friend request.
    Initially, this problem was solved with the help of discriminators. However, this is not an optimal solution. It is quite difficult for not power users, and it is also difficult for many people to remember their full tag. (username + discriminator).

    For this reason, discord decided to redo the system and abandon hybridity.
    In the new system, there will be two separate fields for the two purposes described above:
    1. Global_Name is your username from the current system, however, there is no longer a limit on 9999 users with the same username.
    2. Username: This is a string/code that you will use/see exclusively when sending friend requests. (This field is unique for each user. Can only contain letters of the Latin alphabet in lowercase and numbers)

  • falorni

    I'm sure this has been mentioned in the thread already, but it's very classy for Discord to screw over everyone who isn't strictly an English speaker.  Cyrillics, kanji or umlaut/accents in your name?  Tough luck, Discord considers us second class citizens!


    What a joke, if you don't want a global userbase just come out and say so.

  • Ghost

    The nice thing about Discord was that you could have your interesting username without having to mash keys afterwards because someone already has it. You say the problem is there's already 9,999 people with that interesting username now, but reducing that number to 1 makes that problem objectively worse. Everyone will just do the key mashing into the actual username instead of via discriminator. Absolutely nothing is fixed.

    You look at statistics and assume they mean there's a problem to be corrected. No doubt this is some attempt to try to align with more popular social media but you're going to alienate your userbase in doing so. Please remember that your userbase is the sole reason you exist. Do you remember Skype? Ventrilo? You can be just as easily abandoned if you forget why you're here.

  • bnuy

    How do they keep arguing that it can be difficult to remember a four digit number? Like seriously, if you can't remember a four digit number do you also struggle with remembering the PIN to your bank account or your phone number? I fail to understand how something like bob#1234 is harder to remember than something like xXBob_5342Xx (because xXBob5342Xx was taken already!)

    If discriminators could contain letters alongside numbers, that would remove the "there's already 9999 people named Bob" issue, and only alphanumeric characters could be allowed in your username with an optional display name for people who do like using special characters. That seems like a far better solution to those two problems and something that the majority of the userbase wouldn't mind.

    Not to mention, people will be trying to hack into people who have desired usernames to steal their accounts to sell. Imagine being the guy whose user is George and you get 25 friend requests per day and constant spam messages.  And cyberstalkers will have an easier time stalking! This entire thing just solves exactly zero problems and creates 50 more. Brilliant.

  • BaronVonTibbles

    The proposed Username change is BAD and INEFFECTUAL:
    -Unfriendly to non-English speakers
    -Harming famous individuals (YouTubers, brands, etc.)
    -Creating a black market of usernames
    -Iconic aspect of the app, no confusion
    -Individuality through usernames
    -Those closely identified with their discriminators
    -Catering to a minority of the userbase

    It doesn't address any of your proposed reason and creates a system where the discriminators that you're removing with become A PART of peoples usernames
    Under the current system there can only be 10,000 "Mike"s or "Jane"s, under your new system they become Mike1892 or Jane3587. How does that fix anything?
    What is the point of this update? What does it solve? WHY IS SOMETHING THAT WORKS BEING CHANGED FOR NO REASON?
    I am no longer recommending Discord to friends and will be moving to another platform if the feature is rolled out.

  • Astolfo

    All of the problems listed in the blog post would have been solved by making some adjustments to the current system. Restrict symbols caps and weird fonts in the username, add a global display name and, where needed, an extra digit to discriminators:

    1. You don't make every user change their username, only a subset with caps/symbols/etc in their username, the rest can keep their names as they are.

    2. Users can then display the name they want with any symbols, fonts and everything they want.

    3. People can have the account/username they want thanks to the discriminator and won't be hitting a "this username is already taken" screen (how did you even think the whole 'there are 9999 Johns' is an argument in your favour when the change makes it so there can only be one???) They're also all standardized the same way (username#0000)

    4. People will continue to pay Nitro to have the number they want in their account name.


    Instead, this "solution" is a downgrade because it leads to the same result in practice (a username and a global display name) except that you make every user change their name, you introduce completely unique names, and you remove a big benefit from Nitro (choosing your number). Also, the standards will go out the window and now there'll be one john, then there'll be john123, john_001, john1234, _john_123...


    It's a solution that doesn't actually address half the problems it's supposed to, and introduces a host of new problems on top of it.


  • kay


    this is a terrible and incredibly pointless change

  • Bass44

    I honestly would love to see just how much money they're losing right now in Nitro subscriptions, I'd love to laugh in their stupid faces as they're scrambling to find a way to handle this PR nightmare.

  • ventablack

    Reposting this from u/-Gabe from r/discordapp

    This is an incredibly wreckless update.

    If you have a common username, (Pretty much any name, location, state, business, dictionary word without numbers in it or at the end), then username scarcity a lose-lose situation.

    Either you will lose your common name, and you'll have to add numbers to it.

    Or you'll get your common name and then weirdos and criminals will start trying to doxx you, threaten you, and swat you unless you relenquish the account to them. Discord is going to get people hurt and potentially killed with this update and that's going to be on them. Unique usernames is such an antiquated system.

    Here's an in-depth dive into how Twitter's username system got people hurt, harassed, bullied, and even killed.

  • ventablack

    1. It's going to be a race to pick our preferred usernames. People are going to be hacked because others will want their usernames; This will lead to an entirely new wave of new scams

    2. A very big chunk of people buy nitro specifically so they can have their custom discriminators. This removes their reason to still support Discord

    3. A lot of handles will consist of random underscores and numbers, which makes them even harder to memorize than the discriminators and therefore negate the positives

    4. Discord is not Instagram/Twitter/Youtube. Discord is a platform to hold conversations. More accounts want the same name, so discriminators are a good way to distinguish between them while satisfying everyone with the name they want

    5. The update breaks a lot of community-made bots that are an essential part of Discord nowadays and encourages users to use bots like Mee6 now which cost a fortune

    6. Handles will make stalking easier, since they are reused on a lot of social media sites and provide a real danger to people

    The update is ugly, inconvenient, and will make things a lot more difficult than they need to be for the actual users.

    Change is NOT always better. Don't fix what isn't broken.


  • ShadyGuyWes

    Literally no one with half a brain cell thinks this is a good idea. And the fact the devs think it is is quite concerning.

  • natsubaki


    No one asked for this. Not a good idea at all

  • Nach0pr0bl3m

    +1 What a terrible idea

  • Kenneth

    +1 revert it please

  • Goose

    This change is such an unnecessary one that only brings forth more issues than it does solve any existing issues.

    Everything mentioned in the blog-post is already a non-issue, as there is no reason to remember what your discriminator is when it's written down in front of you 24/7.

    There also is less of a reason to specifically search out users through the Friends feature, because most friends are added through mutual servers, with the rest either being bots trying to message you and hijack your account or an IRL that you're probably showing your username and discriminator to on your phone. Discord is one of the few platforms that doesn't suffer as heavily from the "this name is taken" issue as is prevalent on other sites like Twitter (which we all know a significant amount of your backend is based off), Tumblr, Instagram or Snapchat as examples. It also introduces character restrictions to usernames, heavily impacting users outside of NA, West EU and Southern APAC.

    This change will further restrict Discord as a social media/networking service, placing in artificial walls that nobody asked for, nobody wanted and everybody who is aware of it is opposing. The only reason there isn't a massively swarm of users opposing is most likely due to your notoriously poor communication to the end user.

    However, if your blog-post is anything to go by, you frankly don't care about your users and are going to brute force this change through regardless for the benefit of absolutely nobody.

    If it's money you're thinking about, then you are absolutely losing revenue through cancelled Nitro subscriptions as we did when you tried to introduce NFTs to the service.

    Everyone on this platform sincerely hopes you collectively rethink this incoming change.

  • crashshot


    Why fix something that isn't broken? Copy/Paste exists for a reason, and 9.9 times out of 10 people people will have their phone or some other device with Discord physically on them to physically show their username#0000 to the other person. Nearby Scan? Never heard of her. To call the reasoning for these changes pedantic is putting it kindly. And like other concerned users here and elsewhere I surely hope you're aware of, I too can already imagine countless issues involving impersonation, scams, account reselling, ban dodging, alienating your international userbase and genuine privacy concerns if this were to go through, while fixing nothing in the way you're suggesting.

    -- and then to justify this with 'well you see, sometimes we have 9999 users using the same username which means nobody else can use it now. :( So clearly that means our solution is to change it so only 1 of them can use that username now. Brilliant! Pack it up guys, we've just made another fantastic change to our messaging platform. Now let's head over and watch our userbase brawl it out on the bloodsands over who gets to stay as Sasuke and who has to settle with Sasuke1192.'


  • seailz


  • mc_es

    It seems unfair to me that users cannot be identified by the name they like with the excuse that it is difficult to remember 4 digits. I hope Discord starts listening to its community for once.

  • Phillip713


  • Eusi

    Super excited for my former abuser to simply type in @myusername and find me much easier without the denominator and harass me with multiple accounts :)))))))) SO EXCITED FOR THIS CHANGE!!!

    (Discord if you see this this is SARCASM)

  • crow

    legitimately if this goes through I will be finding alternatives to discord and dropping it entirely, as well as cancelling nitro after subscribing consistently for ages.

    it'll suck to leave so many friends and communities behind, but discord is horrifically out of touch with its userbase and I no longer want to support that.


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