[Enshittification][DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System



  • Luca


    hopefully that thread will help

  • no

    How stupid are the changes they are making jesus christ

  • jinx's zed

    did they stop to consider for even ONE second the issues this will cause with international users who dont have alphanumeric usernames already???? yes it was mentioned in the blog but the issue goes totally ignored. the short-sightedness is disgusting

  • Yuzhou Nyxota


    It's easy enough as it is now, changing it is entirely unnecessary and would come with a whole load of other problems that many have already described

  • f5

    very good update W discord for this..

  • Luci

    People have already explained with this is a really bad idea so I won't bother explaining again but I completely agree, please DON'T change the username system

  • Louie

    +1 maybe do something about the rampant and extremely easy account theft instead of implementing new useless and poorly thought out changes

  • Rat man

    +1 revert back!!!

  • 💜Izzy💜

    The username change is a terrible idea. And all of the reasons given for the change in the announcement post are, quite frankly, bullshit.

  • Aerictus

    Throwing my voice in here and ruining the 420 comment count.

    Nothing I can say hasn't been said and probably better than I could hope to say it. This is pure stupidity and someone needs to be fired after being forced to make a public apology. This carries no merit for any user in any capacity. This change will empower horrible people in petty and irritating ways and it takes almost 0 consideration to reach that conclusion. Which means that this change was brought up with that in mind, and shows that the people behind this app hold no respect for their customers.

    No more nitro for me which means I lose my cute animated avatar

  • HK416


  • smaller

    I just hope none of my friends ever try to find me via telephone number. That's almost twice as many numbers after my name and it's probably way too hard for them. :( :( :(

  • Summerlight


  • Jabokoe

    As a minority me and my minority friends sure look forward to all this new law enforcement attention we will be getting through being SWATted. We all know minorities have a real leg up when it comes to law enforcement. *barf*

    This will f*** over many bot and service maintainers that have added value to discord (which rarely came from Discord itself) and drive them to burnout or project abandonment. At the same time we will see many projects pop up that will abuse these permanent Pomelo names to track vulnerable users or children to target them persistently. Governments will have an easier time tracking protest organisers or other dissidents, perverts will be able to keep going after children rigorously and persistently.

    If you don't do anything about your spambot problem then yes many of the friend requests on your platform will fail because they are spam. You can't expect users to dilligently refuse and report every request, they don't have time to investigate if something warrants a report. So the only other way I can see you collect this data is with a self selecting self reporting survey, which will bias to people that have *such* a bad time adding friends to request that they will take the time to fill out a survey that takes more than 1 minute. The obvious solution here is to do FRIEND INVITE CODES omg wow amazing such a new technology we must wait another 1000 years to see if it will be viable. They can exist alongside adding discriminatored names directly. You can guide nontechnical users to sending friend invite codes JUST LIKE SERVER INVITE LINKS, and have a thing squirreled away for technical users for the requests.

    If you feel so strongly about only 9999 people being able to have the username Muhammad, Clyde or Bob there is an easy way to fix this, in the system you already have! You just grow the discriminator space. Just treat it as omitted leading zeros. Add a digit every so often. Have people with an actual brain figure out how 4 vs 5 digit discriminators will be integrated into Nitro benefits in the short term. Or even bigger brain, make it hip cool and premium to have *longer* discriminators. Just like #1337 is cool I'm sure there will be coveted longer discriminators you could entice users with. And the neat part is you aren't screwing every existing user over and exposing them to threats like rampant impersonation, hostile account takeovers for black market value and being stalked persistently.

    I hope this won't be rammed through and some actual design process will start happening instead. I don't really know what to do besides pack up and leave alltogether, just delete servers I'm running. I already stopped paying nitro because of other clueless decisions. I do not know how to punish Discord more, there are no other buttons for me to push as feedback. I can not comprehend the utter disdain core decision makers at discord have for their users. Instead of something actionable I'll just wish that the Discord team gets vaporised into a fine dust by their personal diety of choice, so I can sleep peacefully at night.




  • Authoron

    Hands down the single worst change I've seen made to this app in the 7 years I've been on it. Not only does this change make it impossible for people to keep the names they've had for literally years, it makes it unbelievably easy to target and harass users across the platform and other sites, which Discord has already struggled with on their current system. Add another number to the 4 digits, let us use alpha characters in the existing 4, but literally anything other than this shortsighted buffoonery.

  • Torchiiko

    a lot of ppl are worried about impersonation and privacy, reasonably so! username sniping and account selling is likely gonna be a much bigger problem and having the 4 digit tag lets ppl use their preferred name without being easily found on discord if they'd rather keep it more private

    also, having to add stupid alterations just to get an available username is one of the worst parts of most platforms and it Will make memorizing and sharing usernames harder
    not to mention that this is kind of a huge middle finger to ppl who pay for custom tags

  • fin

    I don't think I need to repeat what 400+ people already explained before me: The username change is bad and doesn't benefit anybody.

  • 💜Clari

    +1 agree with what everyone else has said. Discord even said in the blog that they never wanted to have a "this name is unavailable" screen, this is exactly what's going to happen now. It will only cause frustration when people want their username and it's already taken so they have to start adding numbers to it themselves, which is not something anybody wants to do.

  • Windo


  • StevenD


    we want Discord to be Discord not fucking Twitter

  • Summerlight

    Discord is not a social media. Discord is a messaging platform. They need to get that in their heads.
    With messaging platforms, accounts should be private. You can not look at someone on the street and be able to guess their phone number, for example. Now why does this matter here?
    Say i'm a popular streamer with a simple name, let's go with "pink". My current discord handle may look like "pink#3829". And while it shows my name, and just my name, someone would have to go through possibly 9998 different accounts before actually finding mine. Not to mention, if i wanted to hide it more, i could use fancy characters, and make my name "𝔭𝔦𝔫𝔨#3829" instead. Now not only will people have to brute to get the discriminator, they'll also have to find the correct font! It makes it effectively impossible for someone to correctly guess my name.
    Now let's look at the new user system. First of all, it would be basically impossible for me to get "@pink", but let's say i somehow did. Now everyone can easily guess my user, and with popular people, they will get harrassed. And in the more likely scenario that i don't get that username, someone else will have, and will highly likely be able to impersonate me, and even if they get banned, someone else will snipe it soon enough. Not to mention, i won't get to have a name that shows me accurately, it will have to have numbers with little to no meaning attached to it. And that still leaves us with the original problem, that you still have to tell people the specifics of your name.
    If this isn't enough to prove why this new system is a bad idea, then the people managing this site are clearly not cut out for running a messaging platform.

  • Slash

    +1 more person saying they agree here. DO NOT CHANGE THE USERNAMES!!!

  • Kayla Carter

    DO NOT implement this change. No one asked for it, no one wants it, and no one I know has ever had a single issue adding friends on Discord just the way things are. Who is out in the real world exchanging discords and not simply pulling their phone out and adding them right and there? No one is "waiting until you get home only to discover your friend didn't specifically describe their capitalization". That's ridiculous.

    Not to mention the insult to the intelligence of your whole user base by basically saying "it's too hard to remember four digits". The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two, look it up. I promise it's not hard to remember 4 numbers, and if you forget, it's one of the easiest accessible things on desktop and mobile discord both! 

    The discriminators as they are now are UNIQUE. You know what you see username#1234 and know without a doubt that is a Discord handle, full-stop, no questions asked. Why change a thing that makes you stand out against the rest? Why be the boring same as literally every other social media platform out there? No thanks. 

    There's something DEEPLY ironic about claiming you never wanted people to have to hit the “Your Desired Username is Taken.” page, and turning out this new system that will, inevitably, do EXACTLY that.

    There's also the fact that plenty of people are paying for Nitro just to have custom discriminators. And for that support, they're earning a slap in the face despite cash out of their own pocket! Implementing the change would be an absolute insult to your already-paying users!

    And don't get me started on the bloodbath this will turn into between username sniping, account selling, brand-stealing, and impersonations of content creators! This is A BAD IDEA all the way down. Nothing good is going to come from this. 

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it, my dudes. DO NOT GET RID OF DISCRIMINATORS!

  • Estrella

    As it turns out, this change is horrible for a lot of reasons. Content Creators are more likely to get personified if their account isn't older, this can mess up a commissioners credibility, a bot can take your username before you get there, and it also just makes it incredibly-- hard to find? The article announcing this change states: 

    The biggest problem: our current usernames can often be too complicated or obscure for people to remember and share easily

    We're going to have the exact same issues but with usernames. Every single issue relating to this that they have listed, will come up with usernames too. Guess what! People are forced to remember numbers everyday, from their phone number, to the numbers in their instagram username, to the discriminators on discord. They're going to be forced to remember numbers too, when their username can no longe be blank#1234 but now has to be blank49231, because blank has already been taken! That isn't even accounting for: Bl_4nk Bl4nk23924 B1ank Bl_ank_ and other variations. This will make it harder. I don't believe that they're doing this to better discord for it's users, I genuinely see this as just another way to fit in with every other social media platform ever, without asking their userbase what they thought of the change. 

    Cannot wait to be estr3lla_la_l4 cause i couldn't just be Estrella#1234

  • genius


  • Shichibukai

    This is the worst idea you could have ever came up with. Do not add.

  • Phantom

    Who in the right mind thinks this is a good idea? Names will be sold, namesniping will happen, impersonification will happen. This'll only bring problems, there's no positive to this, did no one in the team even think of it? All kinds of content creators will have a hard time on discord 'cause their name will FOR SURE be sniped. Scam bots will get an easier time since it wont have to go through the discriminator section. Nitro subs will go down, a lot of people liked having their own custom discriminator.

    I see 0 positives here.

  • R

    Bad awful stinky idea


  • Axolotl

    girl i pay partially to keep my 0069 are u fr discord


  • The Wise Wolf

    I made my ownpost but I'll also comment this here:


    So obviously the proposed changes to the Discord usernames are unpopular at best and could be catastrophic at worst for Discord as a company. I myself do not support them. 

    In the blog post, it mentions that a big reason for the change is difficulty adding friends due to case sensitivity and the discriminators.

    In response to that, I think a different solution is possible. As you may know Steam has a system for adding friends called friend codes, it provides a unique code to users that they can share with their friends so they can add each other without having to remember their display name or scroll through hundreds, or even thousands of profiles with similar or identical names.

    My solution would be similar to this, however, instead of using a unique number sequence my idea would implement a sort of hybrid between Steams's friend codes and an idea the app "What 3 words" uses whereupon every discord account would be assigned 3 or more random words from the English (or it could be localised based on region) dictionary in a unique sequence (e.g user 1 could be assigned "banana horse cola", user 2 could be assigned "peanut water fist", and user 3 could be assigned "cola peanut banana"). The app What 3 Words uses this system in a way that allows the world to be mapped in 3x3 metre squares each with its own unique identifier that makes it easier for other people and emergency services to find a location that someone in need is in. Discord could implement this idea in a similar way and if properly implemented this would remove almost any confusion when adding friends in regards to case sensitivity and discriminators and would also allow for an easy-to-remember and unique code to give to their friends not to mention that the English dictionary alone has so many words in it that any combination of the 3 would likely never run out in the foreseeable lifetime of Discord as a company.


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