[Enshittification][DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System



  • pol



    Nothing new here, Discord has proven time and time again over the last few years that they absolutely do not care for user feedback/opinions.  It took them 8 years to implement themes, lol. 

    They'll continue on, suffer an L for it; which will create an opportunity for something to take its place like it did Skype back in the day.  Or it'll just continue on as normal, because lord knows people ignore change until it affects them.

    Stupidest change in years for Discord, but they don't care.  They rather try to be like social media than the unique platform it has been for many years.  Apparently numerics are too complicated for a couple of people and the bean-counters feel like this is an easy change, disregarding the problems that will now come from it:

    -Account selling


    -Hackers specifically targeting good usernames

    -Everything else dumb about this idea.


    Discord, if you have any sense left in that bean-counter brain of yours, you will not move forward with this moronic change; such a completely unnecessary move.

  • ChaosVariable

    Honestly, and I said this in my own post, I'd rather just nuke my account and move back to text messages than deal with this.

  • 天天

    Please don't make this change. It is so unfair to anyone who does not use English. I would at least like to see some sort of communication before you push these changes through. The team has gone silent ever since people began to protest the change. Why are we being ignored? Why has there been no explanation to the non English speaking community? 

  • Awnah

    I also think its a bad idea....  but not just the things mentioned above, but how will it affect passwords (especially ones already stored) ?   will we also have to come up with new passwords ?  There was no mention of having to change passwords, but logic dictates that if you change the username, you will also have to change the password. This is almost like starting Discord over from scratch.  For people who already have stored passwords, is there any support for those people to store their newly changed password ?

  • Awnah

    oh, and by the way, how will it affect the profile, will it change the starting date ?  will it reflect when we first joined discord, or will it reflect when we changed our username ?


    Awnah it doesn't effect anything else.

    Please try to understand the topic, do not post if you don't understand what's happening here.
    I've seen many many messages about people panicking with very wrong messages, they will just be used to "prove" the user base doesn't understand what we are talking about.

    Just upvote the posts and move on.

    The handler doesn't do absolutely anything, it's just a human readable form used for pings and adding friends without sharing a server.
    It doesn't identify the user in any way, the user is defined by an internal ID that's not visible by the user, just by the software (which includes bots, and in a way you can just discover your ID using a bot, it's not secret).

    This is the reason why it's idiotic, because it doesn't benefit the software.

  • Sriccio92


  • Munch

    Made a profile just to +1 this shit

  • Lucid


    cant wait for all the video game character names I like to be taken and sold for 10000$ !!! 

  • MGE Dawn

    Current system ain't broke, please don't try and "fix" it.

    If nothing else, we can compromise on a 6- or 8-digit discriminator instead of this whole "fixed handle" idea that's gonna create more problems than it solves

  • argtomsxd

    better tags than  @'s because  tags are way cooler and gives freedom of persona choice and tags are less likely be stolen or impersonated 



    +1 revert the change

  • Polly

    So, when Discord was trying to gaslight us in that blog post about how horribly difficult usernames are to share and remember with the discriminators, did they just forget that people who communicate primarily in non-Latin languages exist? Because this is going to make things infinitely harder for people who don't primarily write or speak in English (and similar languages) to remember the username they're forced to use the Latin alphabet to create.

  • Ephenia

    Polly That's how are out of touch they really are with their own userbase.

    They actually forgot that there's thousands of languages that exist and not only English. 

  • pitoumugis

    Polly Ephenia Oh no they definitely remember they exist. They explicitly mention how this will affect users in countries such as Asia-- But then they go on to say that they're going to do it anyways.

    "Meanwhile, people from regions where non-alphanumeric characters are common in names, such as Asia, would have difficulty fully representing themselves." (...) "After we transition over the course of this year, everyone will have: 1) A unique alphanumeric username without a discriminator (...) They’ll be limited to lowercase characters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and two special characters (period and underscore)."

    They think being able to customize the display name with special characters makes up for this.

  • Перья


  • sitrik

    Devs, you're obviously aware of the heat this new update announcement is getting right now which is why you guys "edited" the blog post. 

    So PLEASE act right and do not go forward with this new username change, literally just comprehend the negatives and consequences mentioned that would come out of this.


    The discriminator is what makes Discord unique from other platforms, why are you trying to align with other social media apps? What's next, 24 hr story feature? 

    Everyone is tired of devs implementing unnecessary upgrades that no one asked for whilst the shitty Support team can't get back to users to help out with account management issues and trying to work with users to develop better solutions. DO BETTER. 



  • Chaos-Shadow

    this is a huge step backwards

  • Ghostlygunk

    discord don't add this dogshit feature. nobody wants this

  • . Snow .

    theyre only doing this for the money, so cancel your nitro and list this as the reason why!

  • blibris


  • gamemeowser

    Just going to share something I heard that I think is an interesting idea.

    Instead of getting rid of discriminators, just get rid of the need for your handle (with or without discriminator) to be unique. You log in with your e-mail anyway so you don't need it. And if you want to connect with friends, just use the system that servers already do: generating an invite link or code. You can then share that code with people if you want them to add you. This has the additional benefit of giving you more control over who can find you.

    No discriminator required (though discriminators aren't a bad thing!), and you can handle not just 9999 Mikes, but 9999 trillion Mikes if you've got the capacity for that many users. It has most of the same benefits that discriminators do, as well, and it actually gives people more freedom rather than taking it away. On top of all that, no one would be required to change their username if this was implemented.

    Oh, and for people who really love discriminators anyway, I have my own idea to add as well. Just keep them as an optional (but meaningless) profile feature you get access to with Nitro or something. That way you can still have your Mike#0001 through Mike#9999 and have them all be unique, without requiring anyone to actually worry about names being taken. As for Mike number 10000 who wants a discriminator, the scarcity is part of the appeal here. And I'd say 10000 Nitro users who all want to opt in to having the same name + the benefit of having it be uniquely identifiable is a good problem to have. For them, it's like a customizable invite link. And the rest of us don't have to think about it at all.

  • Bojack

    This change is a terrible idea.  For the low cost of remembering 4 numbers, people can have their username and enjoy a level of anonymity and therefore are protected from harassment, as people can't search them up without those numbers.


    Now people have the choice between not having their username, or if they do pick their username, they have the choice between being open to harassment, such as if they get a sought-after tag or happen to say kill a streamer with 10s of thousands of viewers, or turning off messages and friend requests, which defeats the stated purpose of this update of making adding people easier.


    It's an abject failure, and denying that it's a bad idea and pushing forward with it anyway is sad and pathetic.  Hold the L, Discord.

  • VelenZiga

    This nonsense is going to help nobody.

    You're removing a feature that made making a market for usernames, impersonation, and other ills harder or impossible to do. And now you're expecting 350-400 million users to just change their usernames all for what? Because a few people can't figure that a four-digit number is part o your UN?

    1. Forcing people to change their usernames will result in them being longer and there being even more overlap. So you're also forcing people to make more complex names that will be harder to remember for no benefit to the community.

    2. Removing the discriminators will make impersonation much easier, because all it will take is a similar looking name and the same icon as the original person to complete the con. Discriminators prevented this practice, and now you're removing that layer of protection from all your users... for no good benefit.

    3. Further more this will allow people to scoop up masses of usernames to squat on and hold ransom to sell to people in order get them, making them have to come up with ridiculous usernames or pay up. Numerical discriminators tied to the account assured this was basically impossible. So again, another change for no benefit.

    Get out of your echo chamber and engage with your community!

  • oliver

    discord if you do this youre stupid
    the way usernames work is fine and honestly alot prettier & easier to use

  • _absolute_zero._

    Discord has been slowly killing itself for a very long time and their changes get worse and worse…..

  • handsomest

    god this is a hellish change. +1

  • Vaya


    love my numbers!! I like having matching names with my friends sometimes, and not only that but I really think Vaya_1_2_3_4_5_mynamewastaken is gonna be so much more sucky than Vaya!#1234 (not my real numbers, just an example!). Like- not only that, but me and my friends genuinely love our numbers! We've grown to like them there, and I use those numbers for things outside of discord cause they've become important to me! Please don't roll out this new change. And if it can't be stopped, please revert it as soon as possible. But ofc, give people their numbers back, or at least the choice to choose them once(if it rolls out and gets reverted). My nitro is about to end and I can't buy it back with this new change, I just really don't want to. 

  • royalsealy

    This is so frustrating. As others said this allows for greater user privacy, this is a safety measure for many. It is not a public facing social media website, keep the numbers!

  • Cesium

    This is the dumbest change I could ever hope to think of... how did this make it through?

  • Emerald


    Horrible change. Please don't do this, Discord.


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