Removing Discrimnators is TERRIBLE - A cybersecurity/long-term user perspective



  • crow

    THIS!!! I think you condensed everything we're all trying to say perfectly. I especially appreciate the note about being a woman on the internet because as someone who is both afab and openly queer, this is a massive risk for me as well. weird men LOVE easy to find usernames and well... some do homophobes.
    this puts a lot of us in a tough position and I will not be hesitating to switch to a different platform if this goes through.

  • Luci

    This is so important and explains everything that's wrong with the change, thank you ! I completely agree with this

  • Aerictus

    100% agreed. I cancelled my nitro until I've heard that this change will not happen.

  • Rain

    @ Stefano - I did already comment on your thread, yes! I will copy-and-paste this on my old post too. 

  • Aerictus

    Commenting here just to say this is so far the best one. Really articulated the point very well. Good job and thank you for the effort!

  • LeopardBunny


  • Octoling_Grimm

    This exactly. This is such a terrible idea, I don't know how they thought it was a good plan.

  • SpaceBees

    I'd upvote you twice if I could.

  • natorei

    Well-written and well-reasoned. Thank you, and here's hoping.

  • audreybitesu


  • Falcolmreynolds

    Oh, this is a fantastic comment. PERFECTLY encapsulates everything I've been trying to say. I'd upvote this over and over if it were possible.

    edit: specifically thank you for pointing out how BONKERS their data collection is. They gave absolutely ZERO sources for their numbers! Their statistics work is bad and they should feel bad!

  • Meat Popsicle


  • wonderleias

    This post is so well written, thank you!!

  • KWtheFluffDragon

    I read this while getting ready for work, so I don’t know if you touched on this, but if you don’t know your discriminator, and you want to add someone, just make a server and invite them via text, then add them when they’re IN the server. They’re just ruining their platform.

  • RyzingPhoenix

    +1, covers pretty much everything I wanted to say and more.

    Edit:  If Discord is willing to continue down this path that affects peoples' safety, security, wellbeing and privacy, I will simply give people I know another platform to reach me on and move off Discord altogether.  I don't imagine they care one way or another that I say this but I encourage people to take their own safety, security, wellbeing and privacy very seriously.

  • quantum jumping babe

    +1 to absolutely everything. my blood ran cold when I read of this change because all these thoughts flowed into my brain simultaneously and I couldn't verbalize the entire flood. I absolutely WILL move elsewhere once this happens. And cancelling my nitro the second it's live.

  • doodlemancy

    thank you for this very comprehensive analysis of Why Thing Bad and man i hadn't even-- even after years of dealing with Patreon, who loves to claim they "did a survey" having Definitely Not Done That, i didn't think to question the 40% number other than to dismiss it as irrelevant LOL. where ARE they pulling that number from? i'm gonna guess somewhere below the waist.

  • Gerbo

    Removing discriminators for the worse pomelo system is just an objectively bad change


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