Removal of discriminator concerns



  • rose


  • JRM

    All of this. Since I received this email, it has been a constant talking point in every single one of my servers how this change is going to be a bad one and catastrophic for anyone who has a common name. The whole appeal of the discriminator is that it takes away the issue other platforms have of multiple people having the same username.

  • Abacus

    I completely agree. People like Discord because it's different from other platforms, and I feel like this will take away some of that appeal. I know several people that enjoy being able to change their usernames frequently, which I can imagine will be difficult if they all have to be unique. Not to mention, I've had my username for years, and I'm quite attached to it. If I have to change it because someone else beat me to it, I'd be heartbroken.

  • mothbeasts

    Agreed. It's taking away the uniqueness. And the hacking concerns are big too. I don't see HOW making usernames more rare would solve the problem here, and all of the username sharing concerns just..... aren't an issue? The app HAS features for solving that. You can just get the person you're friending to write it down or type it in. That's how I've ALWAYS seen it done.

  • Dionysus

    Please post concerns on the master post, too. Literally clog this site with posts about how garbage this change is with dozens of comments and upvotes on all of them and maybe they won't make this god awful change.

  • Squeaky Warrior

    Absolutely agree. This is outrageous

  • greyishmilk

    i wish i could upvote this a thousand times over!

  • DarkLordDylan

    This is honestly one of the stupidest changes they could possibly make. They should have run it by the community first because one of the best things about Discord is that you could have whatever username you wanted. Tired of social media websites making me add a one or whatever extra stuff just so I can use the same handle I use everywhere else.

  • Falcolmreynolds

    My one point to you, OP, is that you shouldn't WAIT to cancel nitro. Do it now. You can always just resub later if they walk it back! But prove NOW that you're willing to cut your monetary support, because they don't care about threats. They only care about actions we actually take.

  • DrunkenMonk

    Welp, I ended up losing my username to a non-nitro sub because of a bug in their rollout where I was marked as non-nitro despite subscribing since 2020 and having an account with discord since 2017. Supposedly this is an internally known bug, they have no intention of correcting their mistake and now I have to change name or "embellish" my username despite paying for 3 years for something not blemished by the appearance of horrid nomenclature... embellish my username with lots of numbers so instead of DrunkenMonk(#0001) I can be 666DrunkenMonk69420 ty discord, you have added more ambiguity to spoken versions of usernames.

    Even if I decided it was okay to have my username be "DrunkenMonk1" (that is a blemish, not an embellishment, let's be honest discord). In a voice chat I then have to clarify that's an actual number 1 and not "one" and now means if I was happy with that username, I also have to create a new account with the username DrunkenMonkOne to avoid anybody impersonating me. Discord, you have done the complete opposite of making it easier to add friends.

    Whoever is running management at discord has zero clue. If they wanted to allow everybody to be able to add each other easier, they'd just allow all users to customize their discriminator without the requirement of nitro. Even that's likely to make discord lose subscribers just like this username change already has.

    despite having the warning in my settings to change my username I have no intention of ever setting a username now. I will remain DrunkenMonk(#0001) now until discord forces a change, at which point I will simply migrate my community and business to rocketchat. Cancel my nitro subscription then promptly invoking article 17 of GDPR and having discord scrub my data. Let's hope discord is paying staff to comply with the law at a bare minimum at that point.

    I'd also advise anybody in the EEA that is protected under GDPR to do the same and force discord into doing a lot of manual admin work. Your communities CAN migrate, discord seems to forget the users make the platform what it is, not them.

    Teamspeak 5 beta looks interesting. GL on your trajectory Discord 🫡

  • Ruth Arendse

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