New username system is a pointless change



  • Viper4K

    Person who proposed that stupid change should be fired on the spot.

    1. enabling scamming - scammers with older accs bought from black market will be able to steal usernames of smaller content creators, and run their scams in peace

    2. users won't get the usernames they want - current system is very good, since we can have the username we want, while #xxxx is like a licenseplate. A very good system, that I think nearly everyone likes. I heard they are changing it, because some idiots cannot handle copying name with hashtag and numbers - userbase it being punished for actions of couple of dumbasses. Nice job discord.

    3. discord account black market - it's already blooming. Currently if you have ACC from 2015 or 2016 you can make a pretty penny just for selling your account, and later on without doubt ppl will be selling desired names.


    so congrats to discord, y'all really know how to ruin your platform for many - hope you will not do that update, because then you'll be losing users left and right. And that WILL include me.

  • superwhat608

    Following. Points made seem well thought out. Always in support of community-driven goals/checkpoints. Been with Discord since end of 2015, for what it's worth <3

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Really no idea how this idea managed to get this far. That's nuts to me.

    Please add your vote and comment to the main post too!

  • Егор Борисов

    Именно этим и отличался Discord от других мессенджеров, и это было очень хорошо. Неужели так тяжело запомнить четыре цифры и один символ?


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