name change is a bad random decision



  • Viper4K

    it's one of the worst. Some ppl who are known by a certain name, but have newer account will most likely have their name stolen, same with smaller content creators, which will defo be used to scam ppl.
    Not to mention the account black market, which is blooming already, and will become even worse...


    Ngl, I already started looking for alternative for discord, this is the new low even for them

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Yeah, it's ridiculous. There is NO GOOD REASON for them to do this. There are so so many solutions for the 'problems' they cited, and their statistics were not even real statistics. They didn't do any polls or cite any numbers aside from a bogus biased percentage. complete crap.

    Add your vote and comment to the main post here too! The more volume that post has, the more power it's got!


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