[Username Update] Discord is Embarrassing



  • Falcolmreynolds

    not ONLY did they link to a random reddit post that had nothing to do with their completely bogus 40% statistic... BUT THE QUESTION BEING POSED IN THE REDDIT POST WASN'T EVEN THE SAME QUESTION THEY IMPLIED IT WAS IN THE BLOG POST

    The reddit question was "what is this called"! they IMPLIED that the question was "what is this for" and that is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT QUESTION. No, not everybody knows the technical term 'discriminator,' or didn't before today. BUT THEY KNOW THE FOUR NUMBER CODE IS AN ID NUMBER.

    for god's sake.

    Anyway, add your comment and vote to the main post as well. let's bulk that post up like crazy. https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/14337329256983--Do-NOT-add-The-new-discord-usernames-system

  • A G

    I saw someone reference what was allegedly the poll they used to get that statistic. IIRC, the question asked if people knew the name of a discriminator. My mom does not know what a discriminator is or even what a search engine is, but she is able to use both just fine.


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