Onboarding Issues: Can’t change previously set Rules; Can’t change Resources



  • Lynnux

    You can try to mention the channel and click the mention to edit the channels inside server recourses.

  • Morothane

    Lynnux I am already able to “edit” channels through the Settings > Channel option, but this doesn’t give me the option to place Resource channels visibly within their normal category. They are only viewable through through Server Guide, and if the Server Guide is meant to feature read-only channels, specifically featuring large parts of the server, then it seems a bit strange to hide them entirely under a “Guide”.

    I am also unable to even change which Resource pages are available within the Onboarding Menu. I cannot delete, edit, or in anyway change the very first Resource channels I made. I receive the Error indicated in the post.

    When shutoff, the Onboarding feature seems to have no reset option, so I cannot change Resource pages with my current error message. And the Welcome Screening area tells me to go to the new Onboarding area, which still does not let me change the required Rules that were once part of the former Welcome Screen. There is no option to change those Rules that I see anywhere unless I can be directed.

  • Morothane

    Update: Was able to change the Rules Screening in Moderation > Safety Setup.

    Still unable to change any Resource pages at all without a Failed notification.

  • 56709

    I am having this exact same problem. Hoping someone swoops into this thread with an answer. 

  • Morothane

    56709 Solution for the Failed to Update Server Guide. I was using the Desktop App, but instead switched to an internet client and it seems to be working perfectly fine. Must be a Desktop App bug. 

  • ttv_tealitte

    I made an account to comment that I found a solution.

    Server Settings >> Safety Setup >> DM And Spam Protection >> Members must accept rules before they can talk or DM

    I hope this helps c:

  • chrissi ♡

    I'm still struggling with this problem... for months.


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