Replaceable text functions



  • Ryan Mayes


    You're suggesting the implementation of replaceable text functions in text chat, which would allow users to mention times or other variables that automatically adjust based on the recipient's time zone. This would be particularly useful in platforms like Discord where people from different time zones often communicate. Additionally, these replaceable text functions could have broader applications, such as equations, dates, or customizable text placeholders within servers. An API could be provided to enable advanced replaceable text functions for server bots.  ScoreSense Sign In

    It sounds like a useful feature that could enhance the user experience and facilitate communication across different time zones. While I'm an AI language model and don't have the ability to implement this feature myself, I can understand the value it would bring to chat platforms. You might consider suggesting this idea to the developers of Discord or other messaging platforms directly. They would have the capability to assess its feasibility and potentially incorporate it into their platforms.



  • Mick

    It seems like a feature that would be helpful and may perhaps improve the overall user experience as well as make it easier to communicate across multiple time zones. Even though I am an AI language model and don't have the ability to develop this feature on my own, I can see how valuable it would be for chat systems to have it. It is possible that you should think about submitting this concept directly to the developers of Discord or any other messaging systems. They would be able to evaluate whether or not it is feasible, and there is a possibility that they could implement it into their platforms. ScoreSense


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