A better idea for the username change.



  • Falcolmreynolds

    the 2$ nitro? nah, no nitro. No more nitro from any of us. I'm not even going to use Discord anymore.

    I suggest you pull nitro if you have it, and encourage your friends and associates to drop their nitro subs as well.

    Additionally, please add your vote and comment to the main thread! https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/14337329256983--Do-NOT-add-The-new-discord-usernames-system Every voice counts.

  • frdg

    Before I get into why your point is completely invalid (feel free to check out this thread if you're curious), let me ask you a very simple question after taking into consideration that the current usernames are case sensitive (read more here): Let's say there is a Sick#0001 and a sick#0001. According to your logic, both would have the right to receive the @sick handle. But which one would actually get it? You see, the logic is not exactly logicing here.

    Every Nitro subscriber, whether they've had the #0001 discriminator or not, has been paying just as much as everyone else (except for those subject to regional pricings, but that's not the topic here). So why do you feel entitled to receive a username before other Nitro subscribers? There is no reason why you should be treated better than others. 

  • witharvey

    this absolutely makes no sense at all. your #0001 tag is NOT special. YOU are NOT special nor original. allowing older accounts to choose their usernames first is completely justified since they actually used the platform earlier than u. youre not better than them because youre "the 1st". also who buys nitro just for the tag? the tag is such a little gimmick i refuse to believe someone sane actually spending 10$ just for it. ALSO, how do you plan on assigning usernames to people with case sensitive names? should @phibi be given to PhiBi#0001 or phibi#0001? the solution is either doing it based on account age (which is literally done rn???) or adding another character (number) to the username, which defeats the whole purpose of removing discriminators. you clearly havent thought about this change at all and youre just mad that you have a common name. its not that big of a deal.


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