Discord Verified Badge Displayable on Your Profile (Image made by: goosey#0003)



  • Exodus

    That's a great idea! I always love new badges!

  • M4rcel

    I also made an alternative version of the verified badge being next to your username (new system)

  • Exodus

    That wouldn't show

  • Zenith

    I believe that adding a verification badge is a good idea. It would provide an additional layer of security and help us feel safer within the Discord community. By incorporating a verification badge similar to our existing badges, we can introduce new opportunities and enhance trust between new users and to prevent from bots trying to scam us or do bad.

    For me, the verification badge would be to help identify genuine human users and ensure a higher level of moderation. One possibility could be granting the badge to profiles with a verified phone number, as this indicates a higher level of authenticity. Considering ID verification for users, similar to the process used for BOT verification, could be explored as an option.

    Extending the verification badge to include verified servers and individuals with notable roles, such as artists, would also be a valuable idea within the Discord platform. Currently, only servers that are verified and known as an official enterprise or company or public figure have such a badge, so extending it to other relevant individuals that has probably more than 500 members or 1000 members would provide recognition for their contributions and credibility.

    I currently support the idea of adding such a new feature, though I would also like to add that the verification badge made in the picture has a low percentage of being added as it does not fit to Discord's common themes. Also, I understand that the idea of making such badge would keep more trust between new users, it's not the first time that peoples complain about bots pretending to be public figures.

  • Zenith

    The second verified badge that was just made would mostly fit to Discord's common theme, though I am confident that Discord will do their own verification badge.

  • Exodus

    We could do something about the people pretending to be bots, maybe make bots verification badge more visible and understandable, many people fell for scam bots and pretenders.

  • goosey

    Fantastic idea!


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