events after removing a person from the voice channel



  • Terr

    Hi, sorry to annoy you but someone needs to help me get my account back. Can you guys get something going and give me an update? Thanks. Request ID #35896713 and if you close this as resolved when it isn't resolved, you will see another one from me pop up shortly after.

  • TeachMastermindPat



    Our Dirty Sockers community is alive and thriving, all thanks to you!

    We seriously cannot thank you enough for your constant support, engagement, and of course, the countless laughs.
    You've kept the spirit of Dirty Sockers alive, and for that, we are incredibly grateful! <:DS_Moon:1069972290479067146>

    But hold on, because we're not slowing down!
    In fact, we've got some surprises in store for you and some exciting plans for this upcoming week 🥳💡

    So, stay connected, keep the chats dirty and let's take the Dirty Sockers family to new heights! This is only the beginning! 💥


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