Is there any bot to delete specific messages



  • cash

    UnbelievaBoat can delete certain messages with images, from certain users, and more.

  • Windy

    Every common moderation bot has a feature to automatically delete certain messages. This is called "auto-mod". I recommend to be particularly careful with bots auto-modding your community. Setting this up needs a lot of attention to detail and you will want to be sure nothing gets deleted by accident.


    Bots I have used for moderation in the past that have these features are Dyno and Auttaja, however even MEE6 can do it for you (If you can opt for a custom bot though, I highly recommend that - just make sure you have a trusted bot developer). 

    There is also a list of bots that are commonly used on Discord for moderation purposes on the second latest Discord Blog entry you can find here:


    I hope that helps <3 
    Have a great day,


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