Other Payment Methods for Nitro and Nitro Classic



  • Koa

    I personally don't know any other paying methods if we talk about cards, Discord doesn't add others methods because it won't be used most probably,  I don't know why do they tell you to go to the bank and do that for this and then you do that for these, It's just weird..


    Try contacting Discord right here


  • Peepo

    Koa I already contacted them. In-fact they're the ones who told me to contact my Bank. So, for now I was able to subscribe because a friend of mine was kind enough to lend me his card. It was a Credit Card so it worked. I feel like somehow, Discord doesn't accept Debit Cards too or I might be wrong. But like I said, my debit card works fine with Steam and Google Play.

  • bitking

    same pariii. hays


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