[Question] Pending approval on postings and comments



  • Koa

    Never heard about it before, MAYBE it happens due to some word that is against the filter, But I'm unsure, Althought the pending approval should take 1d atleast, Most of times I expect, Or else from 1d to 1w


    Hope it helps.

  • Ebiko

    Well , according to the post itself ,
    It's pending approval for 18 days by now

    While I can understand that there's supposed to be a filtering , my post does not include any swearing or similar words

    I'll keep watching for now

  • Ebiko

    Update: (25.03. 2021)
    It's getting ridiculous

    I made this post 2 months ago

    The original post mentioned above is over 3 months in Pending approval right now
    Pls check the forum post and or remove those restrictions from my account , since not all posts I do get flagged
    Posts like this get through or other generalized posts
    But as soon as posts get more specific my posts are stuck in Pending approval
    Not only threads , but comments where I try to help others are getting the pending approval too
    Those comments are 3 months old by now , still not checked

    This forum is otherwise quite useless if I cannot reply to others or create more specific suggestions

  • sz

    wow. i just googled "discord support comment pending approval" hoping to find out why a comment of mine didnt go through / how long approval is likely to take and this was the first result.... NOT encouraging.

  • sz

    so i went back, copied the text from my "pending approval" comment, deleted it, and posted it as a new comment with an asterisk masking a letter in the only word i thought they might be filtering. posted immediately. so you could try that, see if it works for you too

  • Sir Villarroel

    I posted my bot's link many times, and maybe I got flagged. I don't know if that counts as spam, as those post were entirely related to my bot.

  • Ebiko

    It's a different topic with bots and especially links

    There is the developer API which you need to underdtand to be able to publish your bot
    This forum is not a pace for submitting your bot for approval

  • CoronaMTL420

    I recently made a reply on a post that got pending approval for more than a month with no idea why. Today I tried making a new reply with different wording. Trying to avoid any terms that could trigger a filter (complete other streaming software names for example) and my reply was posted instantly. The other one is still on pending approval. Pretty sure it is going to stay that way forever. I wish I knew that before posting the first time. I got the idea from this thread. Thanks for the help!

  • Leo (SirJMO)

    I think I'm stuck in pending approval hell too, found this because it's the top result on duckduckgo as well.

    What could possibly trigger them on this? http://prntscr.com/16lwkfz

    Also any update on the now 6-7 month old pending post?

  • Ebiko

    No real update

    I wrote the support again , and they finally published my post manually
    There basically is no pending approval queue , they won't be published

    My best guess is, that it's a few words existing on the blacklist, like "l.i.n.u.x" and similar words and others

  • Leo (SirJMO)

    that's very unencouraging to read that efforts to improve discord are treated like this.

  • Joe Biden

    Lmao, filter dislikes word "a.u.d.i.o"


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