Screenshare - Disable your own screenshare



  • DJDextrose

    Agreed! Its so annoying not having an option to disable my Screen Share preview window!

  • Rulqu

    Yes! I don't want to see my own screenshare when playing a game with friends. I want to only see their screens on my second monitor.

  • Nauda

    I very much agree. I was just about to submit a similar feature request. I really like the ability to stream to channels and this its truly a revolutionary feature. I use it all the time when playing Escape from Tarkov to ensure I know where my teammates are. It works great when there is just me and another friend but at soon as we increase our party count above 2, then I am unable to easily see their streams in a good size. Being able to pop out each stream individually would also be a nice add. That may be easier to implement?

  • Double

    YES ! please add this. 


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