Add to dictionary not working



  • Kenchi Tepes The SIMP Lord

    Yeah, Im having the same issue as well, and didnt use to have it.

  • Mimz

    This. Please fix it. It's so annoying.

  • Eragon


  • Ophis

    I'm having the same issue. It's been over two months since an update came and screwed up this function.... please fix it already.

  • Shifty_Dragon

    I am also experiencing this issue. I've had to just turn spell check off for the time being.... 

  • Elliander

    I've been having this problem as well. I hate that it says "Spirulina" is wrong, and suggests "Spiritual" as an example. The dictionary file is clearly incomplete to begin with and clicking "add to dictionary" does absolutely nothing.

  • addie

    The "Add to Dictionary" thing is a feature of the Electron Chromium build, but there *must* be a way to package it so that the dictionary can be modified...

  • mara.winterhyde

    For the love of everything good and holy, I thought I was the only person having this issue. It's effing annoying af. And it need to be fixed. This is the ONLY app and program that I have on my computer and phone that has this issue. FIX IT FFS!!!!!

  • Sky Shatter

    Seriously. Right-click, add to dictionary; does nothing. Red squiggle every message. FIX.

  • lycanthropejeff

    Same here.

  • Jack Moon

    I don't get why they haven't gotten around to fixing this at all. This is something they should keep getting on the daily. And yet nothing?

  • Ithillokte

    I've been having this problem for six months now, and have been patiently waiting for it to be fixed. I can't add the names or specific words from another language spelled phonetically in english, and they are common ones I use. It drives me nuts to see that the words I want to add are not being added. All of my other programs I use to write with are fine. It's just discord.  Please fix this bug.

  • Kaerralind

    This bug drives me insane. Please fix it Discord. I'd like to add things to my dictionary like I used to be able to. D:<

  • Gammix

    This bug is still present, please fix.
    The "Add to Dictionary" button currently doesn't do what it should (or anything, actually). If it's too difficult to fix, they could at least remove this currently functionless button. And I don't know if it'd be more or less difficult than getting the personal dictionary to work, but a workaround could be to update the base spellcheck dictionary to include more commonly used terms. For just one example, common video game related vocabulary such as Pokémon names.

  • Arconaute

    Like Gammix stated,  "add to dictionary" button doesnt do what it should pulls up the wrong menu (shows the text format menu).   I feel in this situation that discord devs should disable this function in the next release and schedule a release to make it functional in the near future.  Leaving as it currently stands gives the impression that the application is sloppy and unfinished.

  • FantasticWeirdo7

    Please fix this dictionary issue... it has been driving me insane


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