Recompensa monetária por impulso para donos de servidores!



  • KSI LacyJae3724

    English por favor

  • Thiаgo

    Hi, KSI! I'm asking to Discord to evaluate the possibility of financially rewarding server owners for each impulse the server receives. What motivates the boost in Discord, is precisely the person's server, in short, their server brings money to the platform.

  • bencos18

    I wanted to make a suggestion that could attract a huge number of users to Discord. We know that many servers have a huge number of users and a very active community. All this thanks to the efforts of administrators and moderators. They are the ones who make the wheel spin by implementing novelties, BOT's, etc. However, it is not today that some people question the effort they make without receiving any monetary reward.

    It would be legal, for example, if for each impulse the server received, the administrator earned a financial fee. I think this would raise the platform's reputation even more and attract other audiences as well, as well as stimulate it. I think the managers deserve this for the effort they make to keep the community engaged. It could even be something for servers with 500 members or more, I don't know.

    I would like you to think carefully about this proposal. It would be worth it. Hugs! :)


    translted version of Thiago_'s suggestion


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