Bots trying to steal info



  • pxpcandy

    Bots do not have the ability of stealing user information without the user knowing, please elaborate

  • pxpcandy


  • PMCJohn

    Hi there,

    I'm one of the developers of TacoShack(490707751832649738). We have a few notices scattered around saying that if you'd like your data deleted to join the support server at and contact Cole#7575 or myself. Nonetheless, the only discord related information that we store in our database is your user ID, the ID of the guild you initiated your shack in, and a name and/or slogan you've provided for your shack. once you have run the command '!found' to create your shack.

    Discord is aware of this data we store and the process in which user's have to go through to delete it as it is one of the many bits of information we had to provide Discord when we submitted our bot verification request. Discord in accepting us, in effect, said that with how little information we store, it's not imperative to have a quick, simple, and immediate way to delete your data without contacting the bot developers.

    Nonetheless, Myself and Cole will look into making a command in which after some confirmation will allow a user to delete their shack w/o interacting with Cole or myself.


    FINALLY: I would like to reiterate, the bot will only ever begin to store data on you when you run the "!found" command. And even once you do this, the most imperative data we store probably is either your slogan which you would've had to provide us by running "!slogan (message)" or the date in which you founded your shack.


    If you'd like to get in direct contact with me through discord. Please join our support server with the invite I provided earlier, go into #support and click the ❓ reaction, then ask the staff if they could notify me to contact you privately.

  • Matko

    Bot developers have very limited information to gain from anybody. Here are some of the things we can get from you:
    - Your unique user ID
    - Your username (and nickname if you interacted with the bot in a server)
    - Your messages in a channel that the bot is in

    As I said, there is a VERY limited amount of information a bot can take from you. Most, if not all, of the data can be found out be anybody just by using Discord’s features.

  • PMCJohn

    Yeah in relation to Matko’s comment. Ain’t much we can take solely from just adding the bot. To get anything else really you need to go to a separate authorization link in where you accept to share certain information from your account with the application.


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