BUG: Welcome Screen not working when entering Server through an Embed



  • glamour

    Great work


    Discord plz hire windy xD

  • Windy

    God I love you ELZURIX <3 


  • advaith

    This is for feedback, not bug reporting.

    You can report bugs at Discord Testers or with the form.

  • Giovanni9

    Hi All,

    When I reboot my computer, some times the computer will stuck on Welcome screen. After I restart computer again, the computer can enter the system normally. Then I trying to reboot computer 1000 times. This issue happened 1-3 times. This issue also happen on pure Windows 7 Embedded.
    I following the link to update the Windows and clean registry keys, but it still not work.




  • myindigocard

    Infrequently, after a reboot, my computer fails to get past the Welcome page. The PC is able to log into the system normally once I restart it. Finally, I tried restarting the machine a thousand times. There were several occurrences of this problem. This is a problem that appears even on a clean installation of Windows 7 Embedded.
    I updated Windows and removed any unnecessary registry entries as instructed, but the problem persisted.

    I used the link to update Windows and clean up the registry keys, but it didn't help.



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